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How can you prevent facial flaccidity?

I am Dr. Gemma Márquez specialized in General Dermatology, Surgical Dermatology, Cutaneous Oncology, Allergy, Pediatric Dermatology, Cosmetic and Therapeutic Laser Dermatology with more than 10 years of experience with patients. Member of the Catalan Society of Dermatology and the Spanish Society of Dermatology (AEDV)

Sagging is a very frequent reason for consultation, since it is a normal process of aging skin. After the age of 40, we usually see the first signs of sagging skin, either in the appearance of the skin, or because we begin to see wrinkles or changes in the shape of the face.

Over the years, we lose collagen and elastin , which give turgidity and firmness to the skin. In addition, with age the anatomy of our face changes because there are modifications in the bone and fat of the face, which give support and support. This entails some changes that are the most frequent reasons for consultation, such as the appearance of bags under the eyes, nasolabial wrinkles, loss of cheekbones, double chin, wrinkled forehead,...

¿How can we prevent facial flaccidity??

Aging is inevitable, and you have to assume that the years go by. The genetics that each person has greatly influences how they age. Sun exposure also greatly influences those people who protect themselves from the sun throughout their lives, have less flaccid skin and fewer wrinkles than those who have abused sun exposure.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a stable weight will help as well.

In this article you can read more to knowhow does the sun affect wrinkles

As for treatments, there are many options to combat and improve skin flaccidity. The use of botulinum toxin is very interesting to improve the upper third of the face, and obtain a more rested look, improving expression lines between the eyebrows, forehead and periocular. We also use hyaluronic acid fillers to be able to reposition lost volumes, especially in the cheekbones and cheeks. Studying the anatomy of each patient, we apply the product to specific points that help to give support again and recover the triangle of facial youth that we lose with age.

¿Is there a less invasive treatment to treat facial flaccidity??

An interesting option to treat flaccidity is theradiofrequency facial rejuvenation, that manages to tighten the skin through controlled thermal damage to its deepest layers, which produces a decrease in fine wrinkles, deep wrinkles, folds and a lifting effect.

Radiofrequency produces a thermal current in the deepest parts of the skin, in the dermis, producing a contraction of the collagen in this area and the appearance of new collagen. 

Facial radiofrequency acts by means of an electric current, and not by a light source, such as lasers for example. This means that radiofrequency is not absorbed by melanin, like lights, and can be applied to all types of skin color and throughout the year.

It is not as effective as other more ablative aesthetic procedures, but the post treatment is very kind , and the incorporation to normal life is immediate.

Several sessions are recommended, and maintenance to be able to maintain the effects obtained.

It is contraindicated in pregnant women, pacemakers and defibrillators, and patients with any infection or skin inflammation in that area.

There are radio frequency devices at home that are a good complement to personal self-care. It is useful as complement to a routine of cosmetics, and helps to improve skin flaccidity, fine wrinkles, luminosity.  The advantage is that we can apply it comfortably and carry out weekly sessions, which will help to obtain better results and maintain them over time.

A very good option to treat and improve flaccidity are the Masderm treatments to treat flaccidity.

In the case of facial flaccidity, theface firming cream that if you add thefacial radio frequency device, the effectiveness of the treatment is increased.

Dr. Gemma Marquez



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