Tratamiento Flacidez Facial - Masderm Cosmética
Tratamiento Flacidez Facial - Masderm Cosmética
Tratamiento Flacidez Facial - Masderm Cosmética
Tratamiento Flacidez Facial - Masderm Cosmética
Tratamiento Flacidez Facial - Masderm Cosmética
Tratamiento Flacidez Facial - Masderm Cosmética
Tratamiento Flacidez Facial - Masderm Cosmética
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Facial Flaccidity Treatment

Facial Radiofrequency
599 reviews
If you want to improve facial flaccidity in less than 28 days, effectively and quickly, let us present you our complete treatment to combat facial flaccidity, which will help you improve the appearance of both cheeks and double chin.

The secret of our system lies in the combination of two essential elements: our powerful conductive firming cream and our advanced radiofrequency device. Best of all, it is a treatment that can be used at home on all skin types.

Treatment with proven efficacy in the reduction of facial flaccidity and wrinkles thanks to the combination of our RF Face Device and our RF Facial Cream.
  • Dermatological study monitored by Dr Isabel Perez Zarazaga
  • Results demonstrated in 28 days
  • Quality treatments endorsed by dermatologists
  • Nº1 radiofrequency at home

Discover more about facial radiofrequency

How to apply

1 - Before starting the treatment, make sure your skin is clean and dry.

2 - Apply a generous amount of cream to your face and neck.

3 - Slide the device slowly from bottom to top over the face and neck in the selected function. The device has 4 functions (CLEAN, IMPORT, EMS and RF) which are explained below. All of them can be performed daily except for the Radiofrequency which can only be performed 3 alternate days a week.

4 -You can use the device for a maximum of 10 minutes in total. You can use one function or combine several but the total sum must not exceed 10 minutes.

5 - We remind you not to do the treatment with the device before exposing yourself to the sun, so it is best to do it in the evening.


You will gain firmness in your face quickly and effectively thanks to the combination of our treatment: The RF Facial Cream firming cream helps you reduce sagging, wrinkles and spots and, in addition to gaining hydration, shine and firmness, thanks to Its composition with Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Bio-Retinol.

Our radiofrequency device helps you regenerate the collagen in your own skin to achieve long-lasting results and helps the active ingredients of the cream penetrate deeply to notice results faster.


This treatment has been dermatologically tested through a clinical trial monitored by dermatologist Isabel Perez Zarazaga for 28 days with different women between 40 and 60 years old who present sagging, wrinkles, spots and dullness.

- 85% of the volunteers consider that it improves the firmness of the skin.
- 90% of the volunteers consider that it improves the luminosity of the skin.
- 60% of the volunteers consider that it improves the appearance of facial spots.
- 95% of the volunteers have improved the appearance of facial wrinkles.

Without a doubt, it is a very powerful combination that helps greatly improve facial sagging.

These results have been evaluated in just 28 days so you can improve them if you are consistent! Therefore, we present an effective and comfortable treatment, since the volunteers subjected to the study applied the cream and the device themselves at home, now it is only up to you.


Formation of collagen

RF promotes the formation of new collagen and elastin chains to help your skin regain its firmness.

Penetration of active ingredients

Helps the active ingredients penetrate directly into the dermis, giving your skin the essentials to improve its appearance and health.


In the case of home radiofrequency it saves costs, time and gives you the convenience of using this treatment at home.


Green light

CLEAN deep cleanses the accumulated dirt from the face and neck, making the skin translucent.

Purple light

IMPORT effectively stimulates, relaxes and moisturises facial skin. You will notice your skin more hydrated, revitalised, whitened and with improvement of blemishes.

Blue light

EMS, microcurrents act on the muscle layer to exercise muscle movement. You will notice firmer skin and reduction of bags.

Red light

RF tightens the skin, smoothes the area promoting circulation, improving the firmness and elasticity of the face. Firmer skin and less wrinkles.


"Much brighter skin than before"

*Estudio a 20 voluntarias durante 28 días (entre 40-60 años)

Customer Reviews

Based on 599 reviews
María Teresa Gómez Gómez
Estoy encantada

Me encanta, me noto la piel mucho mas tersa y con mas luminosidad. Las arrugas de expresión más difuminadas, en fin , encantada con la compra.

María Martínez López
Muy contenta con el aparato fácil

Llevo poco tiempo usándolo pero me está encantado tanto el aparato como la crema. Fácil de usar. Ya he decidido que voy a comprar el aparato de cuerpo.

Maria José Risoto Ruiz
En 2 semanas ya noto resultados.

Con constancia se notan resultados, mejora la flacidez y el contorno de la cara, que son mi objetivo.

Cristina Lara Hernández

En una semana he conseguido oye resultados espectaculares

Dr. Isabel Pérez-Zarazaga


"There are radiofrequency devices at home that are a good complement to self-care. It is useful as a complement to a cosmetic routine, and helps to improve skin flaccidity, fine wrinkles and luminosity. The advantage is that we can apply it comfortably and carry out weekly sessions, which will help to obtain better results and maintain them over time".


improves firmness


improves hydration


improves radiance


improves the appearance of blemishes

*Study carried out on 20 volunteers for 28 days (aged 40-60 years. 43-61 to be precise).

"Creams to brighten the face and combat sagging if you are between 40 and 60 years old"

"Best facial radiofrequency treatment at home"

"Creams to improve sagging if you are between 40 and 60 years old"

"This triphasic serum recommended by dermatologists is a success among the famous"





Total cost for face

€100.80 (total treatment device and cream)


Depending on the clinic €300-350 (per session)

Depends on the number of threads €500-€1200 (per session application)

Recommended treatment per year

Alternate days in RF and rest of functions every day (rest 3 weeks per year)

+6 sessions/year

Between 2-3 sessions

Between 1-2 sessions

Total cost per year

€100.80 one time





The Masderm device lasts a lifetime

Repeat annually

Repeat annually

Repeat annually


Should I apply the RF Facial Cream or the RF Face Device first?

With a clean and dry face, apply the firming facial cream. Once you have enough cream on the entire area to be treated, you can apply the device. You must apply more cream, as at no time can the treatment be carried out with the device without cream.

How do I have to move the RF Face Device for a correct application?

On the neck area from bottom to top (do not use the device if you have thyroid problems). On the cheekbones from bottom to top and circular. On the forehead in a zig-zag pattern.

How can I combine the functions of RF Face Device?

It is very simple, you just have to take into account that the radiofrequency function must be alternated, but don't worry we will give you an example hereafter:

Monday: I apply the Clean, Import, EMS, RF functions
Tuesday: I apply the Clean, Import, EMS functions (today we do not use the RF function)
Wednesday: I apply the Clean, Import, EMS, RF functions
Thursday: I apply the Clean, Import, EMS functions (today we do not use the RF function)
Friday: I apply the Clean, Import, EMS, RF functions
Saturday and Sunday: I apply the Clean, Import, EMS functions (today we do not use the RF function)

This is just an example to show you, it is not necessary to use all the functions every day, so you use this example in case you are interested.

Does the Facial Flaccidity Treatment have any contraindications?

In general, the use of this device is not recommended for people who have undergone facial plastic surgery, who have a subcutaneous metal implant and those who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Avoid using it during migraine or severe headache attacks and during very painful menstruation. If you have thyroid problems, you cannot apply it on the area of the gland, i.e. neck, but you can apply it on the rest of the face and body.

If you have undergone botox treatment, tightening threads, etc., in order to use the RF Face Device, in any function, a reasonable period of time must have passed after the aesthetic intervention.

The minimum recommended time is 1 month, but we always advise you to ask the specialist who performed the intervention to be more accurate.

If you have any questions, please contact us at before using the device.

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