In this section you can read some of the advice given by specialists about our products aimed at different dermatological problems.

Dra. Marina Corral


For those people who want to improve flaccidity or cellulite, Masderm's body radiofrequency treatment has already shown optimal results after 28 days, It has effective creams and an effective, comfortable home use device with good results

Dra. Amparo Rodríguez


Masderm's firming creams are perfect for improving the firmness of the face and body, and are excellent value for money

Dra. Eva Vilarrasa


"Masderm's Anti-Cellulite Treatment has shown improvements in reducing the degree of cellulite, contouring, decreasing thigh fat and increasing firmness. Together with a balanced diet and good habits, it is certainly an effective treatment that will help."

Dra. Gemma Márquez


"Masderm's anti-aging treatment is an excellent option to treat fine lines marked by the passage of time and protect the skin all year round, as it includes excellent products that effectively fulfill this function"

Dra. Anna Sánchez Puigdollers


"Masderm's Three-Phase Serum is perfect for treating a lack of radiance and hydration. It helps to homogenize the skin tone thanks to its formulation. In addition, it is suitable for people with rosacea."

Dra. Alejandra Reolid


"I recommend Masderm's device to improve the eye contour area, for its effectiveness, comfort and price. That combined with the RF Facial Cream and the use of its Eyemas contour, the results are excellent."

Dra. Clara Lacasta


"If I'm recommending this product, the Body Firming and the Masderm Body Radiofrequency device, it's because I've researched the subject, contrasted information and, most importantly, I've tested it on my own skin. When I find a quality product, I don't hesitate to recommend it to my trusted patients."

Dra. Loida Galvany


"For my patients with sensitive skin, the Triphasic Serum is doing very well"

Dr. Emili Masferrer


"I recommend the Eye Contour Treatment as it has brought improvements in elasticity, firmness, shine, dark circles and wrinkles. It makes your dark circles more concealed and restores the natural glow of your skin, giving you a more youthful look."

Dra. Laura Serra


"Combining Masderm's anti-cellulite cream and firming cream has shown improvement in cellulite reduction and firmness gain."

Dra. Irene Latour


"Masderm Cleanmas facial make-up remover ensures excellent facial cleansing from décolleté to eyes, without the need to use any other product. It is very pleasant in texture, smell and the sensation it leaves on the skin is very refreshing."

Dr. Lorena Barboza


"I recommend the Three-Phase Serum for mature skin. It provides a lot of hydration and regeneration. It restores the skin's luminosity and improves its texture.

Dra. Laura Calomardes


"One of the keys to success in acne treatment is consistency: cleansing, exfoliation and ideal treatment. A good option is Sebimas as it provides excellent results in a short time thanks to its natural ingredients and formulation."

Dr. Sebastian Podlipnik


"For my patients who need to notice their skin brighter and improve their finest wrinkles, I rely on the Triphasic Serum"

 Dra. Anna Badell


"If you want to relieve the feeling of swollen legs, I recommend Drainmas draining gel. It is a combination of natural ingredients that can help you feel better in your day-to-day life. Plus, it's conductive, so you can apply it with the RF Body Device to see results faster."

Dr. Gerardo Moreno


"Masderm's Cleaning Pores Device is effective, comfortable and pleasant to obtain the desired results. "

Dra. Jesica Radonich


"The Maskmas moisturizing and antioxidant face mask is perfect to ensure that the skin of the face is perfectly purified and hydrated, as well as having a formulation with ingredients rich in detoxification, hydration and cell regeneration such as White Clay, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E or Liquorice Extract"

Dr. Pau Rosés


"I rely on Masderm's anti-aging nutritional supplements; the Oral Trimas, which has proven effective in maintaining the skin and whose ingredients reinforce the effectiveness of its intake. I especially highlight Vitamin A, Biotin and Vitamin C, which are very effective in maintaining the youthful appearance of the skin"

Dr. Jordi Rex


"Masderm's Trimas Triphasic Serum is a very versatile product and I am getting great results with my patients."

Dr. José Luis Alós


"I recommend the Trimas Triphasic Serum from Masderm especially to reduce the first wrinkles and improve the luminosity of the face."

Dra. Anna Vilanova


"Masderm products give me a lot of confidence" 

Dra. María Marcos


"A very good option is Masderm's Sunscreen, Sunmas SPF 50+, which, thanks to a patented technology of encapsulated sunscreens and the ingredient Algae Blue Light DNA Fix, guarantees protection from solar radiation and blue light. In addition, it has a proaging effect thanks to its ingredients such as biological hyaluronic acid and Aloe Vera gel."

Dra. Lídia Maroñas


"I use and recommend MASDERM products such as Trimas Serum Triphasic to my patients to keep the skin of the face hydrated."

Dra. Isabel Pérez


"There are radiofrequency devices at home that are a good complement to personal self-care. It is useful as a complement to a cosmetic routine, and helps to improve skin flaccidity, fine wrinkles, luminosity. The advantage is that we can apply it comfortably and carry out weekly sessions, which will help to obtain better results and maintain them over time."

Dra. Marta Vilavella


"For those women with sensitive skin, who like to take care of themselves and want to naturally control the signs of aging, Masderm's Trimas Antiaging Cream is an excellent option to naturally restore their skin thanks to its 99.5% natural active ingredients and probiotics that it uses with patented technology, and which also has a proaging effect thanks to its tens-up technology that causes an immediate flash effect."

Dra. Maria del Carmen Goday


"My lifelong patients who need maximum hydration and radiance, I recommend the Triphasic Trimas Serum because it really works for them."

Dra. Carla Ferrándiz


"I recommend applying RF Eyemas that thanks to its ingredients and the novelty of incorporating probiotics and microspheres with an optical effect, my patients quickly notice an improvement in the appearance of their dark circles and puffiness."

Dra. Laura Salvador

Aesthetic Medical

"To properly apply the Triphasic Trimas Serum, it is important to mix it well to apply all the ingredients contained in the Serum."

Dr. Pablo Juberías


"My patients come back because Masderm's Triphasic Trimas Serum is really effective."

Dra. Anna Ravella


"To achieve a correct and effective facial exfoliation on the skin, Masderm exfoliant is an excellent product"

Dra. Paloma Borregón


"To recover your skin's vitality and brightening in a fast, natural and healthy way:

a) Moisturize with a product that contains antioxidants.

b) Exfoliate your face and body to renew your skin.

c) Reduce blemishes with products that contain Vitamin C, which is responsible for treating skin pigmentation and promoting its evenness."

Dra. Cristina García Millán


"A good eye contour should be effective in decongesting this delicate area, reducing fine lines, reducing wrinkles, bags and dark circles and unifying skin tone. The ideal eye contour should have a rapid penetration capacity, be rich in moisturizing and nourishing factors and ideally contain active ingredients with a firming and anti-wrinkle effect to provide more support fibers to this fine dermis."

Dra. Lorea Bagazgoitia


"For me, the ideal sunscreen requires:

a) UV 50+ photoprotection against UVA and HVE (Blue Light).

b) Fast absorption

c) Light and non-greasy texture"

Dra. Marta Alegre


"With Masderm's Trimas Triphasic Serum, you improve the area of dark circles thanks to 88% of its natural active ingredients that guarantee maximum effectiveness"

Dra. Inés Gracia

"LUBRIMAS, Masderm's Lubricating Moisturizing Gel that not only helps to recover vaginal lubrication, but also leaves this area very hydrated and lubricated. It also has 99.20% ingredients of natural origin, so important to treat this area"

Dra. Mar Bennasar


"For those women who want to reduce menopausal symptoms, I recommend taking specific oral nutritional supplements to treat these symptoms. A good option is Masderm's Oral Lubrimas supplements." 

Dra. Fátima Moreno-Suárez


"Masderm's Self Sunmas self-tanner is an excellent choice for those who are looking for an effective and safe product for natural tanning" 

Dr. Rubén del Rio


"Masderm's neck device is an excellent choice for optimal results in a short time, as well as an affordable price for all budgets."

Dra. Paula Aguayo


"Wrinkles are normal over time. External active ingredients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E or ferulic acid should be used. And it's very important to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen year-round."

Dra. Cristina Puigdellívol

Vascular Surgeon

"If you suffer from tired legs and varicose veins, I recommend a daily massage with Legmas if possible at night, which is when the legs are most swollen and it is time to help reactivate blood circulation"

Dra. Sophia de la Corte


"Masderm's facial cleansing device perfectly fulfills the deep cleansing of the skin, in addition to the sensation on the skin of a massager, it also facilitates improved blood circulation and is very pleasant to use."

Berta Vilalta

"I really like the results of Masderm's nutritional supplements to treat cellulite, Oral Slim"