refund policy

We welcome you to Masderm. In this section we want to give you complete peace of mind and confidence in your Masderm purchase. We are convinced that when you try our products and treatments, the results will live up to your expectations.

1. However, if you have changed your mind and the products in your order have not been tested and you do not want them, within 14 days we will refund your total purchase through the same payment channel with which you made your purchase. purchase (except shipping costs), once we have received the product and verified in quality control that it is in perfect condition. To do this, write to and we will tell you how you can make your return.

2. In the event that you have tried our products and they do not meet your expectations, do not worry; You can return them within 14 days and we will give you a discount voucher without expiration for the amount of the returned items. Write to us at and we will tell you how you can make your return. In any case, the return will always be at the customer's expense.

3. If upon receiving your order the product is not the one you purchased, is in poor condition or defective, do not worry, we will solve it quickly. First of all, apologize if it has happened to you and since it is our responsibility, we will take care of the total expenses that the change management entails, without this implying any type of expense or management on the part of the client. Please send us an email to and tell us about your case so we can solve it as soon as possible. In this email, send a photo/video so we can help you fix it.

5.- Orders are prepared automatically and daily. In the event that you have placed your order and want to cancel it or make a change (for example, change of delivery address, product change, etc...), please contact urgently and we will try to make the change. that you tell us in the email. In the event that the order has already left our warehouses and you want to continue with the cancellation, we will request the courier company to return the order. Once received again in our warehouses, we will proceed to refund the order, except for shipping costs (€4.95) that will be paid by the customer.

5. In the event that you have placed your order by cash on delivery and when you receive it you have changed your mind and no longer want it, you will be charged the shipping costs (€4.95) by the courier company since this The process entails significant expenses for Masderm (shipment, return, quality control review). So, please, before placing your cash on delivery order, make sure that you are going to pay it upon receipt.

6. If you have a discount code and you have not applied it to your order, it cannot be discounted from this order. However, please contact telling your case and we will try to find a solution.

We will keep you informed at all times of the process so that you do not worry about anything. And we hope that, whatever the reason for your return, we can continue to count on your trust.

Masderm Team