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body radiofrequency at home

Body Radiofrequency is a treatment that helps combat flaccidity and wrinkles, but With today's advances, it has become very common to use this technology to treat acne scars, cellulite, postpartum, localized fat reduction, and photoaging.

So we talk about a multifunctional treatment that is having greater repercussion nowadays and not only that, but also can be used at home without the need to go to a specialized clinic.

¿How body radiofrequency works at home?

Getting a bit technical, theradio frequencyIt is a type of high frequency current that generates heat by conversion, that is, it converts electromagnetic energy into thermal energy.

So that we understand each other, The device generates heat through electricity in a totally painless way.

This heat goes from 30 Khz to 300 Mhz, so It does not cause any damage to the skin, it is totally safe . In addition, thanks to this power it can reach and heat the deep layers of the skin while keeping the superficial layer cool and protected.

¿What is body radiofrequency used for at home??

When we notice that the skin becomes flaccid, it means that our production of collagen and elastin has decreased. This happens physiologically, that is, it is totally normal, since with age the body begins to decrease the production of cells and substances. In particular, the loss of collagen is accentuated after the age of 30 and even more after the menopause.

Therefore, collagen is essential for the proper functioning of the human body, and its function is to provide resistance and structural integrity to the different tissues, that is, is responsible for generating firmness .

Radiofrequency can help generation of new collagen or also called neocollagenesis, which allows a greater firmness of the skin due to the reorganization of collagen and elastin fibers .

¿What is flaccidity and how does it help us?body radiofrequencyto fight it?

To know how we should treat body flaccidity, we first have to know a little about how our skin is made up.

The first layer is the epidermis , is about the most superficial layer of the skin and acts like a Protective barrier against external factors such as: contaminants found in the environment, infections caused by microorganisms or even chafing from some clothes. This means that we must keep our barrier in good condition and for this we have to hydrate it correctly to improve both its appearance and its function of protecting us.

Beneath the epidermis is the dermis , which is the thickest layer of skin. It is a strong and malleable tissue with viscoelastic properties composed of fibrous proteins, that is, the stars of the moment, collagen and elastin . So this is where we want to act.

¿how many times can it be usedradio frequencybody at home?

The body-worn radio frequency device can be used a maximum of 3 days per week and must always be alternate days so that the skin can rest and the results can begin to be seen correctly.

It should be used during maximum 10 minutes in one zone and a total of 30 minutes a day , that is, three different zones per day. Below we have put some examples to make it easier to understand!!

To appreciate the results depends on each skin type. On average, the improvement in firmness is after 4 weeks of a correct and constant application.

We recommend making a stop 2-3 weeks every 3 months , that is, use the device every other day for a total of 9 months of the year.

The best time to do the treatment is at night. evening since we have more time to take a little break and take care of ourselves. this way too we will avoid sun exposure as it is recommended , especially in summer when the sun is stronger. So it's important to use sunscreen always , which will not only help protect our skin, but also helps prevent spots and expression lines caused by sun damage.

Also, our deviceRF Body Device It is exclusively oriented for body areas such as arms (triceps), abdomen, back, buttocks, thighs and calves .

In no case should it be used in areas such as the face, neck and décolleté. If we want to treat these areas we must use theRF Facial Device.

¿How radio frequency should be used on the body?

In order to use the body radiofrequency device, we must first wash our skin and hydrate it very well with cream , specifically our firming cream RF Body Firming what is conductive and is formulated with necessary active principles to try to prevent skin aging and enhance its elasticity thanks to fucus, gotu kola and horsetail .

This means that RF Body Firming has the same objective as radio frequency. Therefore, despite presenting much slower effects, we could achieve a firmness very similar to that combined with the device.

What we recommend is to use every day the RF Body Firming cream and only 3 alternate days our RF Body Device. In this way, the expected results will be achieved much faster than using only the cream.

Also, you can combine perfectly with the anti-cellulite creamRF Body Slim since it is a conductive cream that helps to enhance the effects of radiofrequency. So it is perfectly combinable.

Depending on the needs that we want to treat, we will use the RF Body Firming to helpreaffirm Our skin wave RFslim bodysuit forfight cellulite .

As we have said before, the treatment is maximum 10 minutes per zone , but we can do the radiofrequency maximum 30 minutes a day , that means that we can combine different areas until we reach a total of 30 minutes in the body.

Let's put some examples:

1. If you are concerned about flaccidity in the arms, buttocks or abdomen, we can use the device combining different areas:

  • RF Body Firming use the device during5 min right arm: to treat flaccid skin.
  • RF Body Firming use the device during5 min left arm: to treat flaccid skin.
  • RF Body Slim use the device during5 min right gluteus: to treat cellulite.
  • RF Body Slim use the device during5 min left gluteus: to treat cellulite.
  • RF Body Firming use the device during10 min abdomen: to treat flaccidity.

This guideline is indicated to treat different areas with different creams, but we have not been in any area for more than 10 minutes and, furthermore, the total radiofrequency time has been 30 minutes.

This is in the case of wanting to reach the maximum but it is not necessary to combine so many zones or stay for 30 minutes.

2. If you are concerned about flaccidity in the abdominal and lumbar area:

  • RF Body Firming use the device for 10 min abdomen
  • RF Body Firming use the device during10 min back

We remember that the areas that we can treat with our device RF Body Device They are only: arms (triceps), abdomen, back, buttocks, thighs and twins .

¿We can use only the creams without the device ofradio frequency?

Of course Furthermore, as we have mentioned before, what we recommend is use the creams daily , without the need of the device.

The effects take a little longer to appear since the device gives you that extra help, but the daily use of the creams is totally optimal to keep our skin healthy and help recover that firmness or eliminate cellulite from problem areas.

Click on this article to find outhow to prevent, treat and eliminate cellulite.

We can really use the cream that interests us the most but from Masderm we recommend using the RF Body Firming during the day , for example after the shower since it has a slightly lighter texture and takes less time to be absorbed and the RF Body Slim at night Since it is a little denser, it is still totally feasible to use it in the morning.

¿How long do the effects ofradio frequency?

The changes that take place in the skin are permanent , since the radio frequency improves the natural production of collagen and elastin.

Even so, we must bear in mind that with age the body will need small aids to maintain this production. The recommended guideline is the one we have indicated above. You can rest every 3 months coinciding with the holiday season (Christmas, Easter and August).

¿Who can use radiofrequency on the body?

The ideal is to start from the age of 30 since that is when the body really needs extra help. In the case of minors, only in acne-prone skin and only in the acne function.

Also, it can be used on any skin type. regardless of phototype .

Yet there are certain contraindications : pregnancy and lactation, heart disease, coagulation disorders, neuromuscular diseases, recent collagen implants, having a metal prosthesis, pacemaker or morbid obesity.

The important thing is to use a device with a guarantee and to apply the treatment correctly following the instructions indicated.

If in your case you have any doubt as to whether it is advisable for you to use the radiofrequency device, you can contact us by WhatsApp at 639.60.62.42 or our Customer Service email hello@masderm.com that we will be happy to assist you.


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