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Complete treatment with your facial mask

I'm Dr. Jesica Radonich, a dermatologist and you can find me at the Teknon clinic in Barcelona for a consultation visit.

The passage of time in our body is reflected in our skin. And although the signs of aging appear as we lose collagen and elasticity as we age, it is also true that we are increasingly aware of the importance of maintaining a good skin care routine from an early age.

We dermatologists always say it; the best anti-aging product is a good sunscreen! That being said, properly accompanying the natural evolution of the skin with a balanced diet, daily exercise and consistency in your skin care routines according to your age, I assure you that it will make your skin look healthy and beautiful.

How to do your facial routine

I will recommend you below basic facial care routines, which are general and applicable to all skin types regardless of what your prototype is. It is important to have some basic guidelines so that you can reinforce your routine or start if you are one of those people who is a bit lazy and who still does not give much importance to spots and wrinkles, but beware, they will appear, do not be fooled! Remember that these are basic routines that I recommend to my patients, but it is always appropriate that if you have doubts or any type of problem with your skin, you go to your trusted dermatologist for personalized advice.

There are different types of skin:

  • Normal: Technically we define it as skin that has an adequate sebaceous balance and hydration. We quickly recognize it because it is not shiny, it is quite fine and it has some flexibility. In addition, it does not usually have signs of acne such as pimples and pimples, nor does it crack easily.
  • Mixed: It is that type of skin that in the so-called T Zone (forehead, nose and chin) has oily or oily sensation, and in the rest of the face the skin is dry.a.
  • Fat: Here we see skin thicker than usual and with dilated sebaceous follicles. It is quickly recognized why there are specific areas that are more reddish in color and others that are more yellowish.
  • dry: This skin is much finer and stretched. Pores are not normally appreciated due to their imperceptible size. Many times this skin suffers from desquamation, especially in the months of the year where external temperatures are very low, such as autumn and winter.
  • Sensitive: This skin contains many nerve fibers that produce immediate redness in the skin if it suffers any kind of stimulus. Many times he suffers from itching or irritation.

In all these skin types, the basic routine is:

1. In the morning: apply a soapy gel with a neutral pH to clean the face. With a dry face apply a facial serum according to your skin type. And finally, never forget the sunscreen broad spectrum every day of the year. This is a basic routine. You can also incorporate a eye contour and one Anti-aging cream appropriate to your age. (Remember that the last product to apply is sunscreen).

2. At night: Clean your face with a complete make-up remover or with a soapy gel with a neutral pH. With a dry face, repeat the operation of the facial serum. Then apply a firming anti-aging cream, a eye contour and a lipstick.

Now, if you thought that this was it, you are wrong! There are 2 things just as important as sun protection and what you should do at least once a week:

  • Exfoliate the skin: Once a week you should exfoliate the face and the body. Thus we favor the removal of impurities and dead cells that accumulate on your skin.
  • Facial mask: Weekly apply one moisturizing face mask which is the ideal product to ensure detoxify the skin of your face and drag the fats of the face since it penetrates to the bottom of the skin. In addition, after the moisturizing facial mask, the skin is in perfect condition for us to apply the rest of the facial routine. I recommend to my patients applying a regenerating and hydrating face mask after exfoliation since when we exfoliate, the pores are dilated and therefore the ingredients of the mask penetrate more deeply. Also, the ideal time of day is around 20:00 in the afternoon since it is when our skin enters the natural process of cell regeneration, and we usually have more time to dedicate ourselves.

I highly recommend clay masks for their proven effectiveness and comfort. Masderm 's moisturizing and antioxidant face mask MASKMAS It is perfect to ensure that the skin of the face is perfectly purified and hydrated, In addition to having a formulation with some ingredients rich in detoxification, hydration and cell regeneration such as white clay, Aloe vera, Vitamin E or Licorice Extract.


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