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facial scrubs

facial scrubs

Facial Scrub - 500ml

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Do you often wonder why facial exfoliation is beneficial for your skin? Well, you should know that dead cells accumulate on your skin that clog the pores and do not allow it to"breathe"freely, thus producing excess oil and imperfections.

This is why it is so important, as dermatologists advise , to exfoliate the skin of the face once a week throughout the year.

Our facial scrub Scrubmas Facial is formulated to renew and exfoliate in a healthy and effective way the dead cells that accumulate in the skin that resides in the epidermis of the face, stimulating blood circulation and providing your skin with an effective and healthy exfoliation, thus ensuring that is free from all these imperfections.

Scrubmas Facial effectively removes excess cells from the face to achieve:

  • Improve the appearance of sun damaged skin
  • Reduce existing stains
  • Reduce marked wrinkles

How to apply?

It is advisable to perform a facial exfoliation once a week. First we must have a clean face and the hair collected to avoid introducing product into the root of the hair. We apply a puff in the bowl of the hand and directly on the face massaging gently. Be careful not to get into the tear duct of the eye. After 2-3 minutes we can remove the product with preferably cold water. Once the face is cleansed, apply the usual facial routine. We recommend applying the Trimas Sérum Triphasic, the eye contour Trimas Eye Contour and if the skin is more mature, accompany it with the Trimas Antiaging Cream.

Medical Council

Dr. Ana Ravella. Dermatologist"Exfoliation is the natural renewal of dead skin cells. However, in cases such as a long period of sun exposure where the skin is severely damaged, we can speed up the natural exfoliation process through specific products that They will help us to eliminate those dead cells and thus recover the hydration of the skin and reduce the signs of aging that have appeared.Dermatologists recommend performing a facial exfoliation once a week throughout the year to eliminate the dead cells that have appeared. accumulated throughout the week. However, after long periods of sun exposure we recommend 2 weekly exfoliations for two weeks and then return to the weekly routine. The new Masderm SCRUBMAS facial scrub is a very good option to perform a correct and effective facial exfoliation thanks to the quality of its ingredients, pleasant smell and sensation of the skin after its removal."


Main Ingredients:Aloe Vera, Olive Stone (Olea Europaea Seed Powder), Soap, Salicylic Acid, INCI Composition:Aqua, Olea Europaea Seed Powder, Glycerin, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Alcohol Denat, Triethanolamine, Carbomer, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Salicylic Acid, Xanthan Gum

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Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Pilar Galvez Rebollo

La verdad es que los 4 productos que tengo me encantan. En cuanto a su olor, textura, como se aplica en la piel….resultados aun es pronto.

María Antonia Marín Cejudo

Scrubmas Facial

M.Rosario Fernandez Saura
Un gran producto

Estoy muy satifecha,con sus resultados,me gusta mucho su aroma. Un buen producto

Virginia Aguirre Arbex

La exfoliante, para mi gusto, el mejor producto de Masderm

Mª Concepción Ferrer Parareda

Tiene muy buen aroma y deja el cutis con textura muy fina. Creo que la compra es un acierto

exfolia el cutis dejándolo muy fino

Creo que es un gran acierto su compra. Muy buen aroma y deja el cutis con textura muy fina

María Jesús Mantilla Gordovil

Muy buena exfoliante facial
Deja la piel muy suave y limpia
Olor muy agradable

Ana Maria
Me encanta!!.

El mejor gel limpiador que he utilizado. Es muy suave y queda la piel muy limpia y con sensación agradable..

Mamen Alcalde Gomez
Exfoliante perfecto!!

Textura agradable y fácil de aplicar,resultados geniales,piel suave y limpia!!Todo un descubrimiento!!

Sílvia Navais

Textura fácil de aplicar,buena hidratación. Personalmente me guío por la fragancia y la noto ausente. GRACIAS y Feliz 2023

Ángela Navarro

el mejor ser un que he probado , deja la piel suave y tersa y junto con la crema hidratante me noto la piel muchísimo mejor , todo un descubrimiento el de Masderm

Dr. Anna Ravella.


"The Masderm SCRUBMAS facial scrub is a very good option to perform a correct and effective facial exfoliation thanks to the quality of its ingredients, pleasant smell and sensation of the skin after its removal"

Frequent questions

How often should I apply?

If your skin has been exposed to the sun for a long time, it should be exfoliated twice a week for about 15 days to ensure that dead cells are removed. During the rest of the year once a week is enough

How does it apply ?

We recommend applying a poof of product to the bowl of your hand. Then apply it to the face, neck and décolletage. Massage until the product is white. Leave to act for about 3 minutes and remove with ideally cold water.

Should I apply any other product?

The guideline recommended by dermatologists after exfoliating your skin with Scrubmas is to subsequently apply the Triphasic Serum, then the Trimas Antiaging face cream and finally the Trimas Eye Contour.

Does it cause allergies?

Our products are formulated for even the most sensitive skin, therefore, in principle, they should not cause any type of allergy. However, if the first application makes your skin red, we recommend that you contact us.