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Discover how vitamin C works on your skin

Dr. Rodríguez Álvarez, dermatologist.

She is a recognized specialist in Dermatology with extensive experience in skin health and the treatment of sensitive skin. His exhaustive training has numerous specialization degrees in different fields of Dermatology, such as the Master in facial filler techniques or in botulinum toxin, among others. In addition, he has combined clinical practice with teaching, teaching courses in the Dermoexpert Master of the College of Pharmacists.

Throughout her excellent career, she has held positions of responsibility and is currently the Medical Director of the Dra. Amparo Rodríguez Dermatological Center, where she cares for her patients with the latest medical technology and all the comforts so that they feel in the best hands.

Not all Vitamin C are the same.

First of all, it is important to know that there are several chemical forms of Vitamin C and that not all of them are stable to light, heat and oxidation. For this reason, the effective cosmetic will be the one that has stabilized Vitamin C

¿What effect does stabilized Vitamin C have on the skin??

The main effects are anti-wrinkle and anti-stain, thanks to the fact that it stimulates the creation of collagen, neutralizes free radicals and decreases the creation of melanin.

¿It has the same effect in cream as in juice?

Vitamin C is water-soluble and is excreted in the urine, for this reason it is much more effective in cream

¿Can be used in a day cream?

Yes. a product with Vitamin C does not cause sensitivity to the sun. The confusion comes because Vitamin C itself is photosensitive and can lose its activity, for this reason many cosmetics with Vitamin C have dark packaging.

¿Can be used on sensitive skin?

Yes, but when the concentration of Vitamin C is high it can cause a slight itching in all skin types (sensitive or not). Only when redness or irritation appears should you stop applying the product and consult a specialist.

¿Can be combined with other products?

Yes, it is especially recommended to use a photoprotector to prevent photoaging of the skin.

At Masderm Dermatological Laboratories, they have been formulating products for dermatologists and skin specialists for 50 years

TheTHREE-PHASE FACIAL SERUM from Masderm Laboratories, effectively treats skin blemishes thanks to its formula with stabilized Vitamin C and 30% active ingredients of natural origin.

The study carried out with 3 dermatologists has revealed that:

  • 80% of women have improved the radiance of their face
  • 76% of women improve wrinkles
  • 73% improve flaccidity
  • 71% improves the appearance of blemishes
Results after 30 days of treatment:

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