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When should I do a skin check with the dermatologist. Dr. Lamas, dermatologist

Dr. Núria Lamas, dermatologist

Although it is increasingly clear to us that we must protect our skin from the effects of the sun, especially in summer, the average sun exposure without protection is 2 hours a day.

Therefore, your skin has been exposed to solar radiation for a long time, so it is essential that you check it with your reference dermatologist. at least 1 time a year.

Keep in mind that, during the period of your skin's exposure to the sun, if you have moles they may have increased in size or changed color and shape. Perhaps you have been burned one day and new lesions have appeared that you cannot easily perceive, but that are already on your skin. Or even if you have a precancerous lesion in areas that are typically exposed to the sun, such as the face, neckline or hands, they may have worsened without you noticing it. You can know more about how to detect the most common skin cancer, melanoma

In summer, there are many hours in which our skin is exposed to solar radiation. Therefore, in addition to caring for and protecting it, not only in the summer period, but also throughout the year, it must be checked. ¿Did you know that the sun is the cause of 80% of skin wrinkles??

Dermatologists recommend that once a year, especially after the summer, you get a new check-up, especially if you have noticed any of these symptoms on your skin:
  • New injuries.
  • Change in the shape or color of a pre-existing mole.
  • A wound has not healed properly.


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