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Tips on facial cleansing by Dra. Sáenz

Dr. Mercedes Sáenz. Aesthetic Doctor

I am Dr. Mercedes Sáenz de Santamaría, Aesthetic Doctor at the International Dermatological Clinic of Madrid, and you can find me at my Instagram address @dra.mercedessaenz

“A very elaborate cosmetic routine is useless if we forget the most essential step: pre-prepare the skin with a good cleaning. We manage not only to clean it but also to prepare it so that the products that we apply later are better absorbed and more effective. This step is essential”

This is perhaps one of the most important definitions in the facial routine and one that I like to highlight to my patients. Next, I am going to tell you some fundamental tips to help you improve your facial cleansing and exfoliation routine.

Tips on facial cleansing

  1. It's very important cleanse the face both morning and night (even though you don't wear makeup on a daily basis). At night it is important to cleanse the skin to remove traces of dirt, contamination, cosmetics of the day, photoprotector, makeup. In this way we remove all that accumulated dirt and leave the skin ready to apply our night routine. Cleaning in the morning is also very important to remove those cosmetics that we apply at night (and that in some cases should not be worn during the day), in addition to the excess sebum that our skin produces throughout the night..
  2. It is recommended to use a specific cleaning product for the face, which are not soapss” to use, but those known as Syndet. These are soap-free cleansers that use different surfactants to remove residue from the skin without altering the hydrolipidic barrier of our skin. When this barrier is altered, our skin becomes sensitized and pathologies such as eczema, dermatitis…
  3. As important as apply photoprotector daily is to carry out a correct cleaning morning and night. They are two of the fundamental pillars in any skincare routine.

Tips on facial exfoliation

  1. The skin is a living organ, it is constantly renewed from the inside out. With age, cell renewal slows down, it costs more and more, so the skin is duller and duller. The exfoliant removes dead cells at the normal rate, to leave the skin brighter and juicier.
  2. Each type of skin is different and needs a specific exfoliation. Generally with 1-2 times a week is enough . If your skin is very oily and with , you can exfoliate every day with a milder product.
  3. A good routine is to exfoliate the skin in the morning or at night. usually at night because that's when we have the most time. We apply the cleanser first, then the scrub. This is rinsed with water or cotton and you apply the night cosmetic routine appropriate to your skin type.
  4. Exfoliation is a treatment that you do on the entire face equally, even in adolescent acne. Therefore I recommend starting to exfoliate at any age, especially in adolescents with acne
  5. In general, an exfoliant can be the same for face and body. In body the frequency should be less ; every 10 days
  6. If you skin is very sensitive or delicate , once every ten days is enough. You have to learn to recognize the state of your skin and adjust to its needs.

And finally, I want to remind you of what SHOULD and SHOULD NOT do in a good cleaning and exfoliation routine and that we should never forget


  • Choose a good product according to your skin
  • Daily cleaning morning and night, 1-2 minutes maximum


  • Don't get obsessed with cleansing or exfoliation
  • With exfoliation do not go too much or too little. you have to be regular

A very good option with the cleanerCleanmas make-up remover and theScrubmas scrub; They are very versatile products for almost any type of patient.

In the first case, it greatly simplifies the routine, removes makeup well. I recommend it, I've tried it and I really like it. It is very powerful in terms of makeup remover effect, it removes residue perfectly and the formula is very good. When you wash, it does not leave a feeling of tightness. It is a very versatile cleanser for all types of patients. It's very nice, it smells very good. It is very versatile. It is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. It can be removed with water or cotton. You notice that it emulsifies and is cleaning you without foaming. you have the feeling of clean skin

As for thescrubmas, I like it a lot. It is a physical exfoliant, it is a gel with fine granules to help exfoliation. It is very good and very nice. It has a very nice smell. Leaves the skin very bright and uniform. And the large format is phenomenal.


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