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Can stretch marks be removed? Dr. Reolid answers us

I am the Dr. Alejandra Reolid , Dermatologist at the La Princesa University Hospital, the Eguren Clinic and the Ruber Juan Bravo Hospital in Madrid. You can find more information about me at my Instagram address@dra.alejandrareolid

85% of women have stretch marks

The skin is the largest organ of our body and it evolves and changes as we age.

It is its normal evolution and as we say many times, the important thing is to fulfill and celebrate it. But it is also true that it is important to have a care routine of our skin, both day and night, to prevent the appearance of premature signs of aging, and even skin diseases.

One of the most frequent changes in all skins and that worries a large part of my patients, is the appearance of stretch marks ; that is to say, atrophic linear depressions that are produced in our skin due to the effect of stretching when the elastic and collagen fibers break.

Scientific evidence shows that about 85% of women have stretch marks somewhere on their body , and, as we have said, although it is something totally normal, it is also true that it can cause in many cases insecurities and complexes.

In this blog I will explain the most relevant information you should know about stretch marks and how to treat them . I encourage you to continue reading, hoping it will be of interest to you.

¿Why do I get stretch marks??

To begin with, I will tell you that, in general, stretch marks are caused by sudden changes in the skin : either due to weight gain or, on the contrary, when we lose weight excessively and in a very short space of time.

For example, when a woman stays pregnant , you gain weight in a short time, so your skin will probably suffer from stretch marks in those places where it is further forcing its elasticity , such as the belly or the breasts.

estrias embarazo

Another very clear example is during the phase of puberty in women. Hormonal changes and the development of the female body will also cause the skin to stretch (breast development, growth, height) and, therefore, stretch marks will appear in areas such as the hips or waist..

estrias adolescente

We cannot forget that there are also genetic and hormonal factors (particularly those related to corticosteroids ) which can also lead to the appearance of stretch marks.

Also, do not forget that the type of diet and lifestyle can also cause the appearance of stretch marks. For example, if you don't adequately hydrate your skin with moisturizing creams, drinking plenty of water a day, regularly drinking alcohol All these factors can favor its appearance.

The different phases of stretch marks

Stretch marks do not appear suddenly as we often think, but are consequence of a natural evolution and go through several phases:

  • The phase inflammatory of the stretch mark ( STRIA RUBRA or STRIA RED). It is the most incipient phase of the stretch mark and is the one that has such a characteristic reddish/violet color and slight elevation. This color is because the stretch mark still has a blood supply and is very new. In this period is when it would be ideal to start treating stretch marks right after their appearance.
  • The phase cicatricial of the stretch mark (WHITE STRETCH) . It is when the coloration of the stretch marks loses intensity, adopting a whitish color, since the skin begins to lose its properties and the epidermis thins and atrophies. But the good news is that we can still treat it before it becomes permanent.

If the stretch mark is not treated prematurely, the process is irreversible and will already remain in our skin. For this reason, dermatologists insist so much on raising awareness at an early age treat stretch marks in their inflammatory phase To avoid its evolution, and in pregnant women, consistency in the treatment of stretch mark prevention is key, through appropriate creams.

estrias cadera

Different types of stretch marks

Once the origin and evolution of these are known, the type of stretch marks differs in:

  • Stretch marks: As I have told you, they are the ones we see when there is a sudden change in our skin as a result of stretching due to weight changes, hormonal changes or pregnancy. They are more common in the abdomen, breasts and thighs.
  • Striae associated with systemic corticosteroids and Cushing's syndrome (purple stretch marks): These are stretch marks with a permanent purple color and are produced by an excess of corticosteroids (either due to their intake or due to an increase in their production). We can find them in flexural and intertriginous areas and areas such as arms or abdomen.

¿How to remove stretch marks?

And finally, what you are surely wondering after having come this far:¿How to remove stretch marks

Well, I must tell you that it depends on the moment in which you decide to treat them. If it is in a very premature state, yes They can be treated and even prevented.

In this case, dermatologists recommend stretch mark creams specific to remove stretch marks that have ingredients transformers such as retinol or retinoic acid and healing and regenerating agents such as centella asiatica or panthenol.

If we are already talking about permanent stretch marks, There are no creams to date with scientific evidence that can completely eliminate them , and that is why in most cases we need to include the laser in your treatment.

However,current stretch mark creams, formulated correctly, they can help to nuance them and will serve as a complement to the treatment.

If you want to treat stretch marks with excellent results, I recommend theMasderm Masderm cream.

This anti-stretch mark cream is rich in natural ingredients with high healing and regenerating capacity to renew damaged cell tissues from within the skin.

We talk about ingredients such as Centella Asiatica, Horsetail extract, Panthenol, Argan Oil and Wheat Germ Oil.

In addition to serving as a treatment for stretch marks, acts as prevention , as it deeply nourishes the skin to prevent its appearance. A feature that I also really like is its rapid absorption and that it has a totally neutral smell.

Of course, remember that the sooner you treat your stretch marks, the sooner you can recover the healthy appearance of your skin.

Once the stretch marks are already marked, their treatment is more difficult, it requires perseverance and patience and even go through other medical treatments such as laser.

¿Do you want to know more about thestretch marks in adolescence?

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