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Prevention, treatment and solution of droopy eyelid

My name is Mireya, I am a pharmacist specializing in formulation, dermocosmetics and nutricosmetics .

I am passionate about skin care and the study of cosmetics in depth, shelling out their compositions and adapting them through my recommendation to different skin types and needs.

Today I come to talk to you about Fallen eyelid. As we can prevent it, treat it and give it a solution.

¿What causes the drooping eyelid?

We often wonder why as we get older our skin gives way to gravity, we see it looser and apparently less smooth.

Why our wrinkles deepen and we lose elasticity and firmness.

Well, this is due to the loss of collagen fibers over time. More than 75% of young skin is made up of collagen, the most abundant protein in the human body.
protein that makes“support” so that the skin stays in place and is smooth.

From the age of 25 collagen decreases 1.5% every year and that is why one healthy eating together with the use of nutricosmetics rich in this protein such as collagen is made indispensable .

¿Flaccidity in the area around the eye and droopy eyelid?

These signs of aging can be seen on all the skin of the face and body, but there are a much more sensitive and delicate area that worries us especially , since it is thinner, contains fewer sebaceous glands (so it is more prone to dehydration) and has fewer collagen and elastin fibers, so it has less support.

All this, together with the continuous movement of the area, makes it manifest in a notorious way the different signs of age.

¿You already know which area we are talking about, right??

This is the skin around the eyes and all these factors make it look tired, wrinkled and sad. That's why we have to give it a much more specific and adapted extra care .

In the image we can see how the collagen fibers over the years are finer and the structure of this protein is compromised Therefore, they are not a good support for our skin and it suffers sagging.

¿How to prevent and stop drooping eyelids 

For prevention there is no better response than a good attack .

If we already suffer from flaccidity in the face and drooping eyelids or are likely to suffer from it, it is better to take action as soon as possible.

I recommend three tips/tips :

1. The use of collagen-containing nutricosmetics of high quality and with scientific studies that guarantee them from the age of 25.

Not all collagens are the same, hence the variety of prices and compositions on the market.

In oursantiaging capsules we found the collagen type PEPTAN , patent with a large number of scientific studies and high evidence, added to the rest of the ingredients of the formula such as antioxidant and collagen precursor vitamin C, resveratrol, vitamin e and hyaluronic acid that make these capsules a powerful anti-aging ally.

In the package we find 90 capsules to take them for 3 months without interruption.

One tablet every morning it will ensure that your skin has the necessary collagen contribution to stay in perfect condition.

Since we must treat and pamper it from the outside with our cosmetics, but also nourish it from the inside with nutricosmetics.

2. The use offacial radiofrequency at home both on the skin of the face and the skin around the eyes 3 days a week in order to stimulate both areas thanks to the microcurrents and activate microcirculation in the area around the eyes by doing this more receptive to the absorption of the subsequent active ingredients that we are going to introduce.

3. The use of eye contour EYES, 3 drops on the cheekbone and touches we favor its complete absorption.

In its composition we find retinol (collagen precursor), caffeine, hyaluronic acid and optical effect microspheres, among other active ingredients.

not only us will help promote collagen synthesis of our skin but also to decongest annoying bags with which we wake up in the morning, reduce the pigmentation of the dark circles as well as fill in and blur the hated crow's feet and wrinkles .

We can use it daily, both during the day and at night (yes, even though it contains retinol, it comes in a chemical form suitable to not cause irritation while absorbed ).

In the case of suffering from a very advanced drooping eyelid, we can assess the use of more or less invasive aesthetic procedures.

Although what is indisputable is the fact of slowing down this process as far as possible with all the advice given above, since it is never too late to start taking care of our skin.

¿What are you waiting for to put all these tips into practice??

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