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Do I have sensitive skin?

Dr. Isabel Perez Zarazaga

Dermatologist with more than 10 years of experience. I attend to my patients at IDERMA Instituto Universitario Dexeus.

After my training in Spain, the United States and Portugal, I have specialized in: Botulinum Toxin (Botox), Laser for scars, Dermatological surgery, Acne, Alopecia


Today I want to talk to you about a skin pathology that I see frequently in my practice and that recent studies indicate that more than 50% of the population suffers from, sensitive skin.

Pollution, poor diet, stress, exposure to the sun, the use of inappropriate cosmetics... are some of the causes that cause extreme sensitivity of the skinl


Genetically determined sensitive skin. They are those skins that since birth are fine, dry, that redden easily and occasionally suffer pathologies such as couperose, dermatitis...

Occasional reactive sensitive skin: These are skins that react inappropriately to external factors, such as reddening in the face of cold, sun, wind, an aesthetic treatment such as peeling, or inadequate hygiene care. Or with hormonal changes, stress, fatigue, poor diet

All skins require care. But those that have a tendency to significant reactivity require extraordinary care.


1. Hydrate

It is essential to maintain good hydration to improve the appearance of the skin and protect it from external aggressions. It is advisable to moisturize the skin of the face in the morning and at night, before going to sleep, and that of the body after each shower. The Triphasic Facial Serum and the Triphasic Body Lotion from Masderm Laboratories are products that fulfill this function.

2. Protect from sun and digital blue light

The sun's rays are among the main responsible for sensitive skin. In addition, prolonged exposure to digital devices increases the possibility of skin aging, so I recommend Masderm's SPF 50+ Sunscreen, indicated against ultraviolet rays and digital blue light.

3. Maintain a daily cleaning routine.

Cleaning sensitive skin is essential, but rubbing should be avoided, as aggressive movements irritate the skin. For example, exfoliation is only recommended to do once a week. And you have to be especially careful with the cleaning products that are used, since sensitive skin reacts badly to the use of certain soaps.

4. Use warm water and reduce shower time

Hot water dehydrates the skin, so it is recommended, to the best of your ability, to use warm water to shower and cold water to wash your face. Long baths are not convenient either, reduce the time of your shower.

5. Avoid stress and fatigue

Sensitive skin reacts to situations of stress and fatigue with outbreaks and rashes, so our advice is that if your skin is sensitive, avoid these situations by practicing relaxation exercises.

6. Avoid sudden changes in temperature

The cold is a great enemy of sensitive skin, so in winter you have to take extreme care and in the case of practicing sports such as skiing, it is necessary to hydrate and protect the skin often.

7. Environmental dryness is also detrimental to sensitive skin

That is why it is important to maintain good hydration, both with creams and by drinking water. Also in winter, to counteract the environmental dryness caused by heating, it is advisable to use humidifiers.

8. Have a balanced and healthy diet

Above all, it is very important to hydrate ourselves every day with a minimum of 1L of water.

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