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How to take care of your skin during cancer. Dr. Reyes, radiation oncologist.

Dr. Victoria Reyes, radiation oncologist.

During the administration of radiation therapy, skin cells are destroyed and altered, causing a reaction called radiodermatitis. You will notice on your skin some of the symptoms that I indicate:

  • redness In the treated area the skin looks as if it had a sunburn.
  • Itching . In the treated area it itches a lot and you will be tempted to scratch it, with the risk of producing a wound and infection
  • Dry and peeling skin . The area that has been irradiated may appear very dry and peel like a sunburn (Radiodermitis grade II)
  • inflamed skin The skin in the treatment area may turn orange peel, a sign of skin edema.
  • Sores or ulcers. When the rate at which cells are destroyed by radiation therapy exceeds the rate at which new cells are created by the body, sores can occur that must be treated to prevent infection.

To regenerate and hydrate the facial skin, the product you should use is the Triphasic Facial Serum.


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