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Facial routine from the age of 30

¡You are in the prime of your life, with an overflowing beauty and security to eat the world at every step! And since we are convinced that you care about the appearance and health of your skin and also do not have time to think about how and what you should apply to take care of your face, you are in the right place and at the right time for us to facilitate your daily facial care routine. . ¡So keep reading and I'm sure all our tips will be very useful for you!


1) Once you get up, you should use a cleanser to remove the remains of the creams you used the night before. Ideal before the shower. Our recommendation is the CLEANMAS that favors the elimination of products from the day before, even if you did not have time to remove make-up, you will see the remains of makeup removed. You apply it with a cotton ball and that's it.

2) Once you make sure that your skin is clean and dry, you should apply an antioxidant serum daily to treat the first signs of aging such as spots and wrinkles, in addition to delaying the appearance of new ones. We propose you our best sales Triphasic Serum that thanks to its top quality ingredients, your skin will be safe from external agents. Shake it before use and apply between a quarter of a pipette if your skin is combination or dry, or between 3-4 drops if your skin is oily.

3) Add an eye contour later to protect your look before leaving home, so we will prevent the appearance of wrinkles and bags that can become darker every day if we do not treat it early and with a good product. Thus we recommend our Eyemas with ingredients with an immediate lifting effect and protectors to prevent the dreaded crow's feet from appearing early and aging your expression.n.

4) As you probably already know and have been doing for a long time, heThe sun's rays are the first causes of premature aging of the skin and can also cause skin diseases such as melanoma. So now that you know us very well, our obsession is that you protect yourself daily with the best sunscreen on the market, and since it is not our Sunmas Broad Spectrum SPF50 that will protect you from ultraviolet light caused by solar rays, and from blue light emitted by devices such as your mobile, tablet or computer.


1) We know you are tired from a hard day, but please don't forget to clean your face before going to bed since it is one of the key moments of the day so that your skin does not suffer and we also assure you that all dermatologists recommend an absolute cleaning before going to bed. Our proposal is the all-in-one make-up remover cleanser CLEANMAS, which effectively removes impurities from your skin and makeup.

2) Once you make sure that your skin is clean, the next step is to reapply the Triphasic Serum and of the eymas eye contour. It is very important to reinforce areas such as the lower part of the eye, the upper part of the lip and the forehead. These areas are in continuous movement throughout the day and since you certainly haven't stopped, you should make sure that at night you give your skin that touch of specific ingredients in each area. I'll also tell you a trick, once the contour has been applied to the eye area, take advantage of the remaining product with your fingertips to trace the area of ​​the barcode and the area between the eyebrows.o.

3) Once both products have been absorbed, it is time to specifically treat flaccidity that naturally appears on our face from the age of 30. And it is that over time we lose elasticity and collagen, which makes our skin begin to sag. In this case, apply the firming cream RF Facial Cream through the neckline area and going up the chin from bottom to top, performing a conscientious massage up to the cheeks. This way you will help to reactivate the blood circulation of this area and delay the hated double chin.

4) And finally, we suggest that you apply lipstick every night to ensure that your lips are permanently hydrated and never crack. Our lipstick Lipmas It fulfills this function perfectly, it is very pleasant and you will wake up in the morning with a sensation of juicy lips that you will love!

And finally, A weekly exfoliation with our Scrubmas to remove dead cells that have been accumulating on your skin, and once exfoliated, apply one white clay based face mask. The feeling after this complete treatment is indescribable! Of course, always better at night.

I hope we make your life easier and don't be lazy to take care of yourself with the best!

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