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Anti-cellulite patches:The latest technology to eliminate cellulite

Dr. Loida Galvany. dermatologist

I am Dr. Loida Galvany, Head of the Dermatology Service at Hospital Dos de Maig and Dermatologist at the Amedics and Milenium Clinic in Barcelona.

One of the most common and feared pathologies among my female patients from the age of 25 is cellulite: Doctor, how to eliminate cellulite Doctor, is there something that can remove cellulite? What is the best? ejor cellulite treatment?

The truth is that cellulite is a skin condition that usually occurs in the lower part of the legs and buttocks, but we can also suffer from it in the arms and abdomen. And although it is something that aesthetically worries both men and women, the reality is that it is difficult to treat without undergoing surgery. However, there are methods to prevent the appearance of what is known as orange peel and even to treat it and feel better about ourselves.s.

Surely you already know that If you really want to combat your cellulite, there are habits that are mandatory and others that are strictly prohibited. I like to always remember them before recommending any type of treatment, because if we are not constant in these habits, it will be difficult for us to combat and eliminate that accumulated fat in the areas that bother us the most. So, keep reading and I'll tell you some tricks that will help you improve the appearance of your skin, as well as recommendations for treatments!

obligatory habits

Perform a table of specific exercises every day to improve the firmness of the buttocks. For example, 5 minutes of squats a day or leg lifts lying on the floor. Healthy and balanced diet for at least 5 days a week. If you spend Saturday night with dinner, make up for it on Sunday. Try to go everywhere on foot and avoid taking the elevator. If you can stand it, try to finish your daily shower with cold water in the area where you have cellulite. Avoid alcohol, tobacco and food rich in salt. Water is one of the best natural drainers, so 1.5L a day will help you a lot. Apply a specific cream to treat cellulite daily and accompany it with a specific massage during application..


really the most effective treatment to eliminate cellulite of a specific area is surgery. However, after a while it can reappear in other parts of the body if you don't take care of your habits.

In the case of not wanting to undergo surgery, I recommend the following treatment that is effective in improving the skin, comfortable and accessible to all budgets:

  • In the morning and with clean and dry skin, apply an anti-cellulite cream specifically formulated to treat cellulite and reduce accumulated fat.
  • In this case, an excellent option is Masderm Body Slim anti-cellulite cream. It is suitable to be used on all skin types. Cellulite decreases by 37% and reduces the volume perimeter by 3.8 cm. It is ideal to carry out a small circular massage to activate blood circulation, and it can also be massaged with a wooden roller or with specific appliances for home use. In the case of having a significant volume of fat and cellulite, I recommend applying the specific cream as well. in the evening, including of course a massage
  • Application of anti-cellulite patches. It is a revolutionary technology that all the patients that I am recommending are really liking it. Have you never heard of cellulite patches? If you continue reading I will tell you in detail:e:

anti cellulite patches

Anti-cellulite patches are a new, highly effective technique for reducing cellulite and accumulated fat in areas such as the buttocks, abdomen, arms or legs. They work by opening the pores of the skin, favoring that the substances and assets they contain are inoculated through them until they reach the innermost layers of the skin.

From here, the technology of the patches favors the elimination of fat and cellulite.

¿What are the great advantages of the patches and why they are succeeding?

  • Effectiveness : Efficacy in reducing and improving skin with cellulite has been demonstrated
  • Comfort: Most of them are transparent and adhere to the skin perfectly, which makes them a completely comfortable and modern treatment for those who use it, since they are neither visible nor noticeable.
  • accessible : prices are very affordable for all budgets No side effects: most patches do not produce any side effects on the skin
  • Complementary : it is ideal to complement it with the application of anti-cellulite creams

However, I also want to highlight some drawbacks:

  • Depending on the type of skin, some may cause stinging
  • If there is caffeine among its ingredients, it is not recommended for people who have problems with this ingredient to use it

And now the question what are you waiting for..¿Which cellulite patch is the best?? Here I always like to highlight that it depends on the skin type. In general, I am recommending and I am very happy with the results in the patients that I am recommending, the anti-cellulite patches of Masderm, the Body Slim Patch.

The results in my patients are the reduction of fat and imperfections. They are also liking it a lot because they have a toning and firming effect. They are totally invisible and apply very comfortably without noticing or being noticed. That yes, it is important the constancy in the complete treatment, which lasts almost 2 months.

In summary, Masderm 's RF Body Slim pack which has Body Slim anti-cellulite cream, heThe anti-cellulite patches Body Slim Patch and also incorporates the Body Device devicewhich is a very powerful device to use at home with professional results, it is ideal for all people who really want to improve the appearance of their skin with cellulite.

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