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"Age should not be hidden, on the contrary, it is a value"

Ingrid Pistono, psychologist.

I am the psychologist Ingrid Pistono and I specialize in helping women solve problems that may appear for different reasons at some stage of life.

My consultation is online and I try to accompany you in moments of low self-esteem, anxiety, emotion management, sadness, relationship problems or crises of any kind. You can contact me through info@ingridpistonopsicologa, ingridpistonopsicologa.com or @ingrid_pistono_psicologaa

The self-esteem

The level of self-esteem, especially in women, is closely linked to physical appearance.

Getting older should not mean losing value, on the contrary, getting older makes us wiser and more expert.

I believe that there is no age to start taking care of yourself or, of course, to stop doing so.

Accepting ourselves is the first step to being well, but accepting the years does not mean resigning.

Youth is a state of mind

Youth should not be lost due to the passage of time or the appearance of wrinkles on the skin.

It is more of a mental state that is shown in the look, in the glow of the skin and in a curious and positive attitude.

I believe that the secret of eternal youth is more of a predisposition, chronological age is just a number that should not limit our desire and enthusiasm.

Accepting that we have wrinkles or that we are losing muscle is not at odds with making ourselves shine and being satisfied with our reflection.

The daily routine that I recommend

Dedicating time to taking care of ourselves is the best gift we can give ourselves, for the pleasure of feeling good and for the benefits it brings, both physically and mentally.

In our daily routine we cannot miss:

  • Hydration and good nutrition
  • Rest
  • Clean and nourished skin
  • daily physical activity
  • Smiles
  • Curiosity and desire to learn

Age, a value

Age should not be hidden, on the contrary, it is a value.

It is in our hands to keep the container and content in good condition. Showing our best version to ourselves and our surroundings should be a pleasure.

Taking care of our appearance is external but not superficial because it affects us internally.



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