Tratamiento Flacidez Corporal - Masderm Cosmética
Tratamiento Flacidez Corporal - Masderm Cosmética
Tratamiento Flacidez Corporal - Masderm Cosmética
Tratamiento Flacidez Corporal - Masderm Cosmética
Tratamiento Flacidez Corporal - Masderm Cosmética
Tratamiento Flacidez Corporal - Masderm Cosmética
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Body Flaccidity Treatment

Body radiofrequency
192 reviews

Although we take care of our body, it is normal that over the years we lose collagen and elastin, which are the fibers necessary for the skin and muscle tissue to remain smooth and firm. Although it is true that it is very difficult to prevent our skin from starting to hang, Yes, we can prevent and treat it to delay the appearance of flaccidity or improve it once it has appeared in our body.

This treatment has been dermatologically tested through a clinical trial monitored by a dermatologist (Dr. Marina Corral) for 28 days. with different women between 40 and 60 years old who presented body flaccidity in their thighs, abdomen and arms.

95% of the volunteers have noticed an improvement in firmness of your skin in the different treated areas. The treatment has met the expectations of 80% of the volunteers and 75% would recommend the treatment. On our blog you will find all the details.

Without a doubt, it is a very powerful combination that helps eliminate sagging. These results have been evaluated for 28 days, but it is estimated that these same results improve over time if you are constant. Therefore, we present an effective and comfortable treatment, since the volunteers subjected to the study applied the cream and the device themselves at home, Now it only depends on you. Do not miss it!!

On our blog you will find all the details about the results.


Dr. Amparo Rodríguez..

"Masderm 's firming creams are perfect for improving the firmness of the face and body, thanks to their natural ingredients with proven efficacy. They also have excellent value for money"

Customer Reviews

Based on 192 reviews
Horten Roig Botella

Encantada con el tratamiento para la flacidez he notado una piel mas firme y mucho mas hidratada muy recomendable.

Penélope Tari Pérez
Muy buen producto

Productos muy buenos y excelente relación calidad-precio. Ya estaba utilizando las cremas facial y corporal con buen resultado y hace unas semanas he adquirido el formato grande de crema corporal junto con el dispositivo y estoy encantada con el resultado.

Arancha S.
Me encanta!!

Llevo tres semanas utilizando la máquina, alterno la crema de la flacidez con la crema anticelulitica y ya noto resultados..

Silvia Díaz Flores

Compré la crema reafirmante ,la celulitica y el aparato de radio frecuencia y estoy encantada ,no llevo ni un mes y ya noto la piel mucho más suave y tersa , de momento todo es positivo por ahora ,seguiré con mi tratamiento porque estoy encantada !!


Más Información

1. Apply our Body Firming all over your body every day, massaging manually in the areas you want to treat. You can also use it as your normal after-shower moisturizer. 2. Three times a week on alternate days, apply the device to the area you want to improve over the cream for a maximum of 10 minutes. Then do not remove the remaining cream, take the opportunity to continue massaging manually.

Funciones del dispositivo

Green light

EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) exercises the movement of the muscles to promote greater tension in the skin. Firmer and less sagging skin.

Blue light

SLIM (Anti-cellulite) promotes the absorption of the cream into the skin and burns body fat. Smoother body skin, with less volume and smoother.

Red light

RF (Radio Frequency) firms the skin and softens the area by promoting blood circulation in the body, thus improving its firmness and elasticity. Firmer body skin.

lilac light

SLIM+RF burns body fat and at the same time promotes skin circulation. You notice your skin firmer, softer and with less volume.

Ingredientes principales

Horse tail

It is a medicinal plant that favors the formation of collagen, helps our skin to have more elasticity and quality in the skin.


It is a medicinal plant that stimulates the production of collagen, thus improving the elasticity, uniformity and texture of the skin.

Asiatic spark

It is a medicinal plant, it is moisturizing and nutritious, it improves the elasticity of the skin. Prevents expression wrinkles, is antioxidant and calming.

Composición INCI

If you need information about each product you will find it on their page

"Cremas para iluminar el rostro y combatir la flacidez si tienes entre 50 y 60 años"

"Mejor tratamiento de radiofrecuencia facial en casa"

"Cremas para mejorar la flacidez si tienes entre 50 y 60 años"

"Este sérum trifásico que recomiendan los dermatólogos triunfa entre las famosas"


Body flaccidity

cellulite reduction

excess fat

Masderm vs. Competencia

Masderm Competencia
Productos eficaces y versátiles para el cuidado de la piel
Aptos para usar con o sin dispositivos
Tratamientos completos de Radiofrecuencia
La mejor relación calidad/precio
Trabajamos sin intermediarios
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How much cream should I apply to carry out the treatment?

It is important that you have cream throughout the treatment to ensure that the device slides properly. If necessary, you should replace it in the middle of the treatment

From what age is the complete treatment recommended?

The cream from 14-15 years as it has a draining effect. And the device from the age of 25 can already start using devices with these characteristics.

Does it work for the face?

No, the cream is to treat the skin of the body and the device is not indicated for the face or neck.

Can I sunbathe after treatment?

No, you must carry out the complete treatment making sure that your skin will not be exposed to the sun. For this we recommend it at night