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Do you want to improve the appearance of your dark circles naturally?

Dr. Marta Alegre, dermatologist

Moragas Dermatological Clinic
C/ Balmes 195. Barcelona
Clinic Dr. Pere Vives
C/Galileo 164. Barcelona

One of the typical queries that dermatologists find is how to improve the appearance of dark circles that appear under the eyes.

It is a fairly common problem because the skin around the eyes is extremely thin, barely 0.5 millimeters thick, and with less collagen content, so the signs of aging are more evident. Dark circles can be brown pigments due to an increase in melanin and due to genetic or vascular issues of a violet color, which are the ones that respond best to treatments.

They can appear due to genetics, skin aging, drastic changes in weight, stress situations, poor eating habits, alcohol or tobacco consumption and lack of daily sleep.

Tips for the care of dark circles

However, I would like to share with you the advice that, as a dermatologist, I give to my patients so that they naturally improve the appearance of their dark circles to minimize this appearance of tiredness or aging, which is normally associated with the appearance of wrinkles. The objective is to reactivate the blood circulation of this delicate area, taking into account that the eyes are the most sensitive part of our face, and therefore we must take care of it in a specific way to improve and even recover the toning of the muscles in this area. . This blood reactivation will occur if we spend a few minutes each day delicately massaging various areas of our face that directly affect the blood supply to the eyes.

  • EYES exercise . Close your eyelids and move your eyes up and down for about 10 seconds without opening them. Perform this eye movement five times.
  • PATS Exercise . With your fingers, perform a small circular massage of about 30 seconds around the eyes from bottom to top with pats.
  • Exercise in the EAR . Gently massage the ovules in your ears for 10 seconds to improve blood circulation in this area, which affects the area below the eyes. Repeat this exercise three times.
  • EYEBROW EXERCISE . Move your eyebrows up and down quickly and continuously for 10 seconds. Do this move three times.

The most important thing is perseverance, so I encourage you to do these simple exercises for a few minutes every day and ideally before going to bed, as they will help you relax your face and fall asleep more quickly. Remember that it is important to drink at least one liter of water a day, have good eating habits and exercise daily according to our age. Also, if once you have done these exercises you apply it all over your face and before going to bedMASDERM Triphasic Facial Serum, You will notice the improvement in this area thanks to 30% of its natural active ingredients that guarantee maximum effectiveness, even in this delicate area.

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