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The importance of intimate hygiene

I am the dermatologist Dr. Anna Badell Giralt. You can find me in my offices in Barcelona, on Fontanella street, and Sant Joan Despi.

the skin is the bigger organ of the body and you must take care of it as it deserves. It is not only your letter of introduction, but you must also be aware of the importance of avoiding prolonged sun exposure and using specific products for your skin, in order to avoid the appearance of highly prevalent skin diseases.

But the skin is not only what we see externally, but also what is not seen and is equal to or more important than the skin on the rest of your body. We are talking about the skin of the intimate area. Although talking about these issues is still difficult for us, in this blog what I am going to tell you is the importance of caring for intimate hygiene on a daily basis, just as you do with your face, legs or arms. The skin of the vulvar area is essential to take care of and have an adequate and daily hygiene routine to avoid infections or irritations. Therefore vaginal cleansing is essential.

If you continue reading, I am sure that I will clarify many doubts that you may have and you still have not stopped to ask, so let's put taboos aside and start taking care of ourselves from within properly.

1. Why daily intimate hygiene is importanto?

  • the skin of the intimate area is extremely delicate And you must make sure that you protect the natural protective barrier to the maximum to avoid any alteration in the vaginal flora that can cause you from discomfort to irritation and even unwanted infections.
  • In the intimate area there are microorganisms that inhabit this area; is what we know as normal vaginal flora . The skin in your intimate area has an acidic pH to favor the normal balance of these microorganisms and thus prevent infections. Therefore it is Proper hygiene is essential to encourage these microorganisms to continue their natural habitat in the most appropriate way possible and the natural protective barrier continues to protect us.
  • Using inappropriate or aggressive products in this area every time you shower can favor the appearance of infections or discomfort, since you may unintentionally be altering the balance of microorganisms that inhabit your vaginal area.

2. Consequences of not having proper intimate hygiene

The fact of not having a habitual hygiene and intimate hygiene in an adequate way,May cause vaginal irritation, bad odors, vaginal infection, continuous runny nose, or urine infection. This can occur because we do not wash this area well or even thinking that if we do it correctly, we use non-specific wipes or products, instead of carrying out the correct washing with warm water and the appropriate soap. If you are reading this and this is your case, I recommend you go to your trusted dermatologist for the best recommendation in your case.

3. Hygiene guidelines for proper genital cleanliness

  • make a Daily genital cleansing is essential. Although in cases of menstruation, sweating or high heat, you can even wash twice a day. More is not recommended as it can alter too much the bacterial flora of this area.
  • Use lukewarm water with a specific neutral pH soap (pH 5)o to wash this area. Never use the same soap that you use for the rest of the skin of the body, nor do vaginal showers. Skin washing should be external, never internal.
  • Movements must be front to back, never the other way around to avoid transferring germs from the anal to the vaginal area. Do it gently as it is an extremely delicate area, so rubbing with any type of sponge is not recommended. Then rinse with plenty of lukewarm water.
  • After the shower is over, dry off with a cotton towel ideally different from the one you use for the rest of the body. If you use the same one, start by drying yourself in the intimate area.

4. Day-to-day recommendations.

  • The choice of intimate gel It must always be of a neutral pH (pH 5) and hypoallergenic.o . Remember that you should never use the same soap that you use for the body, since the pH of the rest of the skin is very different from that of the intimate area, which is much more delicate.
  • Avoid synthetic and breathable fabrics. The ideal is to use cotton underwear.
  • After playing sports or swimming, remember dry yourself quickly .
  • Avoid antiseptic products if your reference doctor has not recommended it.
  • I do not recommend that you use any type of deodorant or perfume in this area, it can cause allergies or irritations.

When my patients, both women and men (intimate hygiene is both feminine and masculine intimate hygiene), ask me about intimate gels, I always recommend that they take into account not only cleaning habits, but also the product for my ideal must cover the following needs :

  • must have a neutral pH about 5.5/5
  • Must be the most natural possible
  • No contain perfumes or odors specific
  • have a presentation Easy to use

HeMasderm intimate hygiene gel Meets all requirements to be an excellent gel to maintain proper intimate hygiene on a daily basis (both in women and men). In addition to having the ideal pH to clean this area well, it has a 99.2% natural ingredients rich in softening, soothing and protective properties such as Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil or Bisabolol.

And one of the things that I value a lot to recommend it is its price and its very comfortable and hygienic presentation.


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