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The importance of exfoliating the skin of your body - Dra. Eva Vilarrasa

Dr. Eva Vilarrasa, dermatologist

I am Dr. Eva Vilarrasa, a specialist in medical-surgical dermatology.

“Doctor, I have very dry skin.”
“Doctor when I look at my legs I see them cracked, like scales”
“Doctor, why when I take off my stockings do little white pieces pop out?s?”
“Doctor, after the summer what do I do to have healthier skin??

These are some of the most frequently asked questions my patients have daily, since dry skin is one of the most common concerns after the age of 30. Having dry skin is a consequence of the loss of hydration and elasticity, which is a normal process as our skin ages. This occurs especially in more neglected areas such as arms, elbows, knees or heels. For this reason the Daily hydration throughout the body is essential to guarantee that our skin is protected from external agents and with a healthy appearance.

Now it is enough Many times not!no!

And it is not enough because, although the skin is renewed every 28 days and the body has the ability to restore dead cells with new ones, as the years go by, this natural renewal of the skin is slower and slower. Which means that the dryness is increasing. So, how can we help the skin to restore these excess cells more easily and quickly? Well, periodically performing a a exfoliation on the skin.

To perform a correct exfoliation of the skin, the ideal is to do it once a week. In this way we make sure that by regularly renewing the skin, the subsequent application of other moisturizing products increases its effectiveness.

After a facial peel, I should apply another producto?

The correct way to exfoliate the skin of the body is through specific products that contain exfoliating particles. It should be applied on top of dry skin in the right amount to exfoliate the whole body. Performing massage from bottom to top to help blood circulation and improve circulation.

Once the product is applied all over the body, we must remove it with ideally cold water. In addition, I recommend performing a massage with a horsehair glove during the removal of the product. This enhances the exfoliation effect, further releasing excess cells and opening the pores for renewal.

Once the product has been definitively removed, we must dry the skin with a cotton towel. Once we verify that the skin is dry, we must take the opportunity to put on our cream regular moisturizer. As we have previously commented, by exfoliating the skin, the dermis is much more prepared to receive any product on our skin, therefore, by applying our usual moisturizer, we encourage the product to penetrate more internally, increasing its effectiveness.

¿Every when I have to exfoliate my skin?

Obviously, all these recommendations are general, but their frequency and intensity must be adapted to the skin type of each individual. Patients with pre-existing skin conditions should consult their dermatologist before undergoing any exfoliating procedure / intensive exfoliating procedure.

“For a correct and effective exfoliation of the skin of the body, I recommend the Masderm Body Scrubmas. Have a 85% natural ingredients such as avocado oil, almond oil or macadamia oil, which have excellent antioxidant and regenerative properties for the skin. In addition, its aroma is very pleasant..


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