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The best facial cleansing routine

In this super blog of everything you need to know to properly clean your face, The medical specialists in dermatology Sophia de la Corte, Cristina García Millán, Irene Latour and Dr. Mercedes Sáenz de Santamaría, Aesthetic Doctor, tell us everything we need.

The importance of facial care or skin care

I am Dr. Sophia de la Corte (@dra.delacorte), dermatologist and I will be delighted to visit you in my private practice located in Pasaje Igueldo, 1 in Malaga city.

Healthy and radiant skin is the result of a good facial care routine, and a good cleaning is an essential step. Throughout the day, Our skin accumulates impurities, dirt, makeup residue, and dead cells that clog pores and can cause problems like acne, premature aging, and a dull appearance.

So as a dermatologist, it is essential for me to be aware of the importance of proper cleaning on a daily basis, to ensure that my patients' skin is as healthy as possible to avoid accumulation of dirt and impurities, and to maximize the effectiveness of the facial routine in each case.

¿Why is it so important to follow a facial care routine??

The skin is the largest organ in our body and acts as a protective barrier against the environment. However, you are also exposed to various factors that can affect your health and appearance. Here are some key reasons why it's important to stick to a facial care routine:

  • removal of impurities. Daily facial cleansing helps remove accumulated impurities from the skin, such as sebum, dirt, environmental pollutants, and makeup, which we'll delve into below. These impurities clog pores and can lead to skin problems such as acne breakouts and blackheads.
  • Prevention of skin problems. By removing impurities and keeping pores clear, we reduce the chances of developing skin problems such as acne, congested skin, and uneven texture. A regular facial cleansing helps prevent and control these conditions, keeping the skin healthy and balanced.
  • Improved absorption of products. Clean, prepped skin is more receptive to the skin care products that follow. By removing accumulated residues, we allow products to better penetrate the skin and provide better results in hydration, nutrition and targeted treatment.
  • Stimulation of cell renewal. Facial cleansing also stimulates skin cell renewal. By removing dead cells, the regeneration of new cells is promoted, improving skin texture, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, and providing a more radiant and youthful appearance.

¡So today you are going to learn how to properly clean your face!

Tips on how to correctly apply facial cleansing gel

I am Cristina García Millán, Dermatologist. I am specialized in Aesthetic and Pediatric Dermatology. I run an Atopic Dermatitis school.

In my office, one of the tips that I give daily so that my patients have healthy skin is the need to cleanse the skin every day as an essential routine. Especially before applying the rest of the products, since in order for them to penetrate the skin correctly and maximize their effectiveness, it must be perfectly clean.

So yes or yes, you must clean your skin every day to keep it healthy and clean. Each patient is different and cleaning routines vary depending on the type of skin. So skin with rosacea is not the same as acne skin. What is essential is to get in the habit of carrying out this process before applying your usual skin care routine. If you have doubts about which cleansing you should apply to your skin, ideally you can consult with your trusted dermatologist, however, I will explain some of them below. Basic tips so you can apply them:

  • If you have oily skin, that is, it has excess oil and you notice shine in areas such as the nose, forehead or chin, it is recommended that you use a cleansing gel that is as neutral as possible twice a day; morning and night. This is how we help eliminate excess sebum and tone down shine. Then gently dry your face with a towel.
  • If your skin is dry, that is, you notice tight skin and a lack of hydration, you should avoid traditional soap that tends to dry out even more, avoid very hot water that removes the skin's protective barrier, and finally use a gel or tonic to help restore hydration
  • If you suffer from acne, the most important thing is cleanliness and, therefore, you must make sure that before starting your acne treatment, you apply the correct product.

"Depending on your type of acne, your dermatologist will recommend a more or less aggressive cleaning routine. But you can start with a good cleansing gel, wash your face with very cold water and dry with a cotton towel."

A very comfortable and easy-to-apply cleaning routine that I personally like a lot is to do this habit twice a day, morning and night with a neutral cleansing gel. My recommendation is in the morning and before showering, wash your face with the cleansing gel and rinse with cold water. After the shower you can apply your daily facial routine. At night the same systematic; apply the gel, massage and after 2-3 minutes you rinse with water. From here you can apply your night routine products.

Again, the type of gel to apply will depend on the type of skin you have.

I always recommend products that contain natural ingredients and soothing active ingredients such as Aloe vera which is an important cell regenerator and toner, the mallow extract with moisturizing, emollient and soothing action, the Chamomile with decongestant and softening properties, or the ideal Calendula to soothe sensitive skin.

"The optimal cleanser should not leave residues on the skin, it should have a mattifying effect and reduce excess sebum, as well as provide a feeling of comfort and cleanliness without irritation."

¿How to remove make-up correctly?

I am Dr. Irene Latour, Dermatologist at LTS Health, Elche. @dermalatour

One of the most important facial routines to maintain healthy and hydrated skin is cleaning the skin before going to bed. Let's think that at night is when the skin cells are completely relaxed and predisposed to let those products that we apply at night work, to increase their effectiveness.

So, having a clean face before going to bed only produces benefits for the skin:

  1. Promotes the penetration of cosmetic products
  2. oxygenated skin
  3. Prevention of aging.
  4. acne prevention
  5. Relaxation of the complexion

So ¿What is the ideal routine for correct facial cleansing using a make-up remover??

  • If you make up your eyes or lips, This is the first part of the face that you should clean to make sure that the makeup does not clog the rest of the pores on the face. I recommend using a cotton ball and rubbing the area gently..
  • Pass the eye cotton from the tear duct to the end of the eye. For the lips use another cotton.
  • Once this area is clean, take a new cotton pad and with the appropriate product, wipe it over the rest of the face, simultaneously small massage from the forehead, cheeks, neck and décolleté.
  • After a strict cleaning, you can now apply your facial routine at night. I recommend applying an antioxidant serum, an eye contour, and if your skin needs more hydration, an antiaging or firming cream.
Now, as a dermatologist I am always asked what kind of toner or make-up remover can or should be used.

the answer is easyIt depends on each skin type and your trusted dermatologist will surely advise you perfectly.

Tips on facial exfoliation

I am Dr. Mercedes Sáenz de Santamaría, Aesthetic Doctor at the International Dermatological Clinic of Madrid, and you can find me at my address Instagram @dra.mercedessaenz

A very elaborate cosmetic routine is useless if we forget the most essential step: previously preparing the skin with a good cleaning. We managed not only to clean it but also to prepare it so that the products that we apply later are better absorbed and more effective. This step is essential.

So here are 6 tips on how and why you should exfoliate:

  • The skin is a living organ, it is constantly renewed from the inside out. With the age, cell renewal slows down, it costs more and more, so the skin is duller and duller. The scrub removes dead cells at a normal rate, to leave skin looking brighter and juicier.
  • Each skin type is different and needs a specific exfoliation. In general, 1-2 times a week is enough. If your skin is very oily and with, you can exfoliate every day with a softer product.
  • A good routine is to exfoliate your skin in the morning or at night. Usually at night since that is when we have more time. We apply the cleanser first, then the scrub. This is rinsed off with water or cotton and you apply the nighttime cosmetic routine suitable for your skin type.
  • Exfoliation is a treatment that you do equally on the entire face, even in adolescent acne. Therefore I recommend starting to exfoliate at any age., especially in adolescents with acne.
  • In general, an exfoliant can be the same for face and body. In the body the frequency should be lower; every 10 days
  • If your skin is very sensitive or delicate, once every ten days is enough. You have to learn to recognize the state of your skin and adjust to its needs.

And finally, I want to remind you of what SHOULD and SHOULD NOT do in a good cleansing and exfoliation routine and that we should never forget


  1. Choose a good product according to your skin
  2. Daily cleaning morning and night, 1-2 minutes maximum


  1. Do not obsess over cleanliness or exfoliation
  2. With the exfoliation, do not spend too much or too little. you have to be regular

A very good option with the Cleanmas cleansing remover and the Scrubmas exfoliator; They are very versatile products for almost any type of patient.

In the first case, it greatly simplifies the routine, removes makeup well. I recommend it, I have tried it and I like it a lot. It is very powerful in terms of its make-up remover effect, it removes residue perfectly and the formula is very good. When you wash it does not leave a feeling of tightness. It is a very versatile cleanser for all types of patients. It's very nice, it smells very good. It is very versatile. It is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. It can be removed with water or cotton. Notes that it emulsifies and is cleaning you without actually foaming. you have the feeling of clean skin

As for the Scrubmas, I really like it. It is a physical exfoliant, it is a gel with fine granules to help exfoliation. It is very good and very nice. It has a very pleasant smell. Leaves the skin very bright and even. And the large format is phenomenal.

Improve your routine with facial cleansing devices

Dr. Sophia de la Corte “For me a good cleaning is essential to maintain healthy skin. I recommend using specific products to cleanse the skin, and if we also add a device that ensures better penetration of the creams used, the effectiveness is greater. He facial cleansing device from Masderm perfectly fulfills this objective, in addition to the sensation on the skin of the massager, it also facilitates improving blood circulation and is very pleasant to use..

Facial cleansing devices take your care routine to the next level. These devices use sonic technology and soft bristles to effectively deep clean the skin.. The benefits that they bring you are several, such as:

  • Deep cleaning: these devices use sonic pulsations to provide a deeper clean than traditional manual cleaning. Sonic bristles gently vibrate to remove impurities, sebum and dead cells, even in the hardest-to-reach pores.
  • Gentle exfoliation: They also act as gentle exfoliants by removing dead skin cells. Regular exfoliation helps improve skin texture, revealing a smoother, more luminous appearance.
  • Circulation stimulation: The vibration of sonic devices stimulates blood circulation in the skin, which in turn promotes better oxygenation and cell nutrition. This can contribute to more radiant and healthy skin.

Of course, help yourself with a good cleanser suitable for your skin type, such as Cleanmas, Masderm's facial cleanser.

As it has a soft composition, it adapts to even the most sensitive skin and is perfect to be combined with the device. Cleaning Face Device

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