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The psychological aspects of vaginal dryness

I'm Ingrid Pistono, psychologist expert in self-esteem, anxiety and stress. Creator of the Mindfulbeauty Method and author of the book with the same name. Mindfulbeauty is a method that gives you guidelines to avoid treating yourself like a witch as much as possible, it explains how to shine on the inside to dazzle on the outside. Taking care of ourselves and spending time is external but not superficial because it redounds within us. I have an online consultation and I also do workshops on topics related to self-care and emotional well-being. If you need to know more about me, you will find me at or @ingrid_pistono_psicologa

Vaginal dryness is a nuisance, it is annoying and it is infinitely difficult for us to talk about it, as if it were a defect or something that occurs because of us.

The vaginal dryness is the decrease or absence of lubrication in the female genital area, something quite uncomfortable and very frequent during menopause, although it can really occur in any vital moment of the woman.

It is closely linked to imbalances hormonal, specifically to a decrease in estrogen levels that prevents keeping the vagina properly lubricated. The estrogens in the ovaries they begin to be created at puberty and decrease as the end of a woman's fertile life approaches.

Vaginal dryness is not only caused by physical changes, it is also influenced by psychological aspects.

A high level of stress, being depressed and the fear of having sex due to, for example, fear of pregnancy, are also factors that hinder an optimal level of intimate lubrication.

The Vaginal dryness is a condition that makes normal life difficult and limits a woman's daily activities. It causes discomfort and even pain, which also negatively interferes with the woman's mood.

In it sexual field, affects self-esteem because it produces insecurity, makes us feel less attractive, “defective and that has consequences in relationships. Most of the patients state that they have not told their partners about this ailment, for fear of not being understood, for fear of being considered less of a woman. The couple is damaged not only by the lack of intimacy but, above all, by the lack of communication.ón.

Vaginal dryness is still taboo, and it will remain so until we decide to talk about it naturally, trying to normalize it and talking about possible solutions.

If you suffer from vaginal dryness, you are not alone. 45% of women suffer from it and it can be treated. Recognize your symptoms and go to your trusted dermatologist or gynecologist to remedy it.

I recommend you try the Masderm Lubricating and Moisturizing Gel for its efficiency, for its pleasant touch and its comfortable format. How simple, sometimes, the solution to such an annoying problem.

If you want to know more about vaginal dryness you can read this article by Dr. Inés Gracia


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