Probiotics. Are they beneficial for my skin?

Dr. Marta Vilavella, dermatologist.

You can find me at the Institute of Dermatology and Plastic Surgery IDERMIC.

Member of the Board of Directors of the Catalan Society of Dermatology (SCD) and member of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV)


The dermatologists passion is skin care . In my case, I am passionate about the protection and health of my patients' skin to help them feel better and accompany them in the evolution and maturity of their skin in a natural and healthy way. And although our skin suffers internal and external aggressions that damage the skin barrier, I understand it as something natural that yes or yes, our skin will always live with it. Therefore, I am always looking for solutions to help improve the vitality and strength of my patients' skin throughout this evolution, because I am PROAGING!

Today I want to talk to you about the reason why PROBIOTICS in cosmetics are a revolution to protect our skin in a super natural and healthy way . Did you know that in a recent study, 78% of consumers surveyed consider that the use of probiotics is beneficial for skin health*?*


Our skin is inhabited by a large number of microorganisms that constitute what we know as “Microbiome of the skin that is responsible for defending our skin from the entry of microorganisms that can cause infections.. ¿Can you imagine what the microbiota of your skin feeds on? Well, PROBIOTICS!! Therefore, if we enhance the function of probiotics in the skin, they will help in a natural and healthy way to protect their microorganisms and strengthen our skin..


Surely you are wondering what happens if we include probiotics in a dermocosmetic cream

  • ¿They will enhance the hydration of my skin?
  • ¿They will improve the redness of my cheeks?
  • ¿They can stop the access of external agents on my skin?

The answer is yes. It has now been shown in several clinical studies that some PROBIOTICS treated with patented heat technology, remain active and are used in cosmetics with the aim of strengthening the skin barrier, stopping the access of external agents, reducing skin redness, improving skin hydration and creating an anti-pollution barrier on the skin


For that woman with sensitive skin, who likes to take care of herself and wants to naturally control the signs of aging, the newMasderm Antiaging Cream Masderm is an excellent option to naturally restore your skin thanks to its 99.5% natural active ingredients and the probiotics it uses with patented technology , and that also has a proaging effect thanks to its tens-up technology that causes an immediate flash effect.

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