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Perfect lips. The best lip balm

Dr. Ramon Pigem. Dermatologist

I am Dr. Ramon Pigem, Dermatologist specialized in Facial Aesthetics and Shaved Hair Transplant.

¿cracked lips?¿Wounds at the corners of the lips?¿dehydrated lips? These are some of the consequences that your lips can suffer when you do not treat them correctly.

As a dermatologist, one of the most typical non-clinical consultations for my patients, is what they can do to restore the hydration and elasticity of the skin of the lips, and what type of lip balm can be applied. Next, I will explain the reasons why your lips look sloppy or dehydrated, and what are the best solutions to have hydrated and beautiful lips.

Dehydration on the lips. why it occurse?

The skin that covers the mucosa of the lips is very thin and weak, so external agents are the most common for dehydration to occur on the lips.

The main factor of having dehydrated and chapped lips is the temperature changes, and especially the cold.

¿What are lip cracks Can they be avoided?ar?

The cracks in the lips, in addition to look older than we have, they are usually very annoying if they occur at the corners of the lips and can even be painful and very annoying. Normally, they are produced by having the skin of the lips dry as a result of changes in temperature and bad habits acquired such as biting the lips or moistening them with saliva.

How to have perfect lips

In addition, below I am going to give you other tips so that the skin of your lips always looks good all year round. Moisturize the skin of your lips several times a day without waiting for them to dry out, with a lip balm, ideally natural and with a protection factor.

Exfoliate once a week to remove dead cells. You can use the same exfoliation product that you normally use for your face. Apply your facial serum through the lips when you are applying it to your facial routine. Do not forget about this part of your face.

The perfect lip balm

So that the skin of the lips recovers its naturalness and is always well hydrated, I recommend a lip balm that contains natural ingredients with moisturizing and nourishing efficacy, such as cocoa, that is easy to apply without leaving the lips white and coverall with protection factor. It is also ideal to apply it every day of the year!

I recommend the Masderm lip balm that encompasses all these characteristics and is really effective

If you need more information, do not hesitate to visit Dr. Pigem's website:

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