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Solar capsules. Fast and safe tan

Dr. Emili Masferrer, Dermatologist,

We dermatologists insist a lot to our patients that the best anti-aging is a sunscreen broad spectrum for daily application, both in summer and winter. This makes it possible to avoid or attenuate the most common signs of aging such as spots or wrinkles and also reduces the risk of skin cancer.

And the key question that my patients ask me about it, taking into account that there are many brands: Doctor, which ones do you recommend? Ideally, you should go to your trusted dermatologist who will advise you professionally taking into account your skin type and history.ial. I recommend Masderm solar nutritional supplements, Oral Sunmas that are easy to ingest and whose main ingredients are Beta-carotene (activates the creation of melanin), Copper (which contributes to normal skin pigmentation), lto Vitamin A and Zinc (which contribute to the maintenance of the skin under normal conditions) and Vitamin C (which contributes to the normal formation of collagen for the normal functioning of the skin).

So all protection is little to avoid or reduce the impact of external agents on our skin. The most common tips that we all know for proper protection of our skin are the following:

Tips for correct protection of the skin from the sun

  1. Daily application on the face of a broad-spectrum sunscreen. This concept is very important to put into practice every day and from a very early age. In this way, sunscreen should become an essential part of our daily facial routine.
  2. Daily application of a sunscreen to the skin of the body in the months when it is most exposed. We should not wait for the month of July when we go to the beach or pool, but we should start applying body sunscreen from the moment we begin to reveal our skin with the change of wardrobe. And attention, very important, do not forget to cover areas such as the instep, neck, arms or neckline with the protector!!
  3. Cover your face with caps or visors to avoid direct impact on your skin.
  4. Eat foods rich in Vitamin C and other antioxidants

Now, if in addition to these tips you want to increase the effectiveness of the protection on your skin without giving up being tanned, I am going to tell you why I usually recommend solar nutritional supplements to my patients. Although it is true that more and more people take care of themselves by taking these supplements, it is still not a general practice. So with this blog I'm going to explain why your intake is important, how and when to start!!

What is a solar nutritional supplement for?

It is important that you know that the main function of cnutritional supplements sunscreens is to stimulate the skin's defense systems against free radicals, the main causes of accelerating the signs of premature aging of the skin. They are designed to protect our skin from the sun's rays from inside our body.

You must bear in mind that in no case do they replace the sun protection that you must apply every day topically to the skin, but you do know that they provide the body with:

  • vitamins (protect against oxidative stress)
  • Fatty acids (help maintain skin elasticity and hydration)
  • Carotenoids (provide the generation of melanin)

Also, you should keep in mind that the skin naturally tans to protect itself from the sun by creating the natural tanning pigment, melanin. When we take nutritional supplements with Beta-carotene, one of the consequences is the stimulation of melanin and the acceleration of the tanning of the skin, showing a tanned and more protected skin.

For these solar nutritional supplements to be effective, you must start one month before exposing your skin to the sun; that is to say, once you make the wardrobe change and there are already parts of the skin of your body that are directly exposed by the sun's rays. You can take these supplements throughout the year, since the face is also exposed to blue rays from devices (mobile, Ipad, computer...) and therefore a daily intake is ideal.

¿All skins are suitable for taking this supplement?

The answer is yes, of course. In fact, there are types of skins where it is highly recommended, such as:

  1. Sensitive skin that is affected by the sun with freckles or redness
  2. Skin with spots that increase even more with the sun
  3. Atopic skin that can dry out even more
  4. Skin exposed to the sun due to work or outdoor sports

Therefore, if you are concerned about the appearance of spots and wrinkles on your skin, you do not want to give up being tanned, and you also want to increase daily protection by complementing it effectively, I advise you to add to your routine the daily intake of solar nutritional supplements to protect the body internally by increasing the inhibition of sun damage.



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