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my skin during pregnancy Dr Maronas. dermatologist

Dr. Lídia Maroñas. Dermatologist

The skin is the reflection of our health and it is important to take care of ourselves both internally regarding our diet, and externally regarding our facial and body routines.

When women are pregnant, it is essential to increase the care of our skin, since for several months it suffers alterations due to pregnancy and postpartum and we must avoid possible consequences at all costs. The most typical alterations are:

  • Hyperpigmentation in certain areas of the skin (darkening of the skin in the breast areola or linea alba).
  • Spots on the cheekbones or upper lip (chloasma gravidarum)
  • Stretch marks on the hips, belly or breasts that are accentuated by weight gain and even poor hydration.
  • Acne due to an excessive fatty diet (you cannot abuse cravings,...)

The 8 tips during pregnancy

To do this, I am going to recommend a series of tips for you to apply during this wonderful stage, which I myself am putting into practice in my daily life in this my second pregnancy.

  1. Avoid sun exposure and put on sunscreen every day before leaving the house.
  2. Take care of your diet rich in vitamins and drink at least a liter of water a day.
  3. Do not smoke or drink alcoholic beverages or coffee
  4. Perform exercise adapted to each period of pregnancy and rest at night for at least 8 hours.
  5. Shower with neutral soap and finish the shower with cold water over your legs and feet.
  6. It is essential to hydrate throughout the body to avoid cracks.
  7. I recommend using Rosehip Oil especially on the belly, breasts and legs to avoid stretch marks. Apply it with your fingertips to ensure it penetrates the skin.
  8. I use and recommend MASDERM products to my patients. As the Triphasic Facial Serum to keep the skin on your face hydrated and if you want to have the skin on your body looking healthy and you don't like oily creams, its RF Body Firming You will love it for its natural ingredients and its very fast absorption.

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