The 12 questions about photoepilation at home that you should know


¿You're tired of pulling the wax It annoys you having to pass the blade You're afraid of the laser and Your bathroom looks like a painting. when you use depilatory cream. In short, if we are all the same as you.que tú…….

Perhaps you have heard of photoepilation at home, the same technology that is used in beauty centers and now, thanks to the Masderm RF Photoepilation Device, you can safely have an intense pulsed light system at home so that don't have to wax for a long time.

We explain it to you in a summarized way; the technology called IPL It is a safe, effective and painless hair removal system, because it consists of sending soft pulses of light that weaken the hair follicle until it ends up disappearing and with its disappearance, your anguish also goes away every time the hair appears..

In other words, you can shave at home at any time of the day, without having to go to the beauty center or make an appointment.

Below we answer the 12 most common questions about photoepilation and the deviceMasderm RF Masderm Device

1. Photoepilation at home is painfula?

When the indications of Masderm RF Photoepilation Device are followed, the treatment is completely painless. When the area is more sensitive or pigmented, it is possible to notice a slight stinging sensation or slight prickling, in this case you should lower the intensity when you apply the device in these areas.

2. The RF Photoepilation Device is suitable for my skin type and for my hairo?

Studies show that the device is very effective on most skin types, but when the skin tone is very dark it is not effective and we recommend not using it.

On the other hand, the RF Photoepilation Device uses the melanin of the hair to direct the energy of the pulsed light, for this reason it is not effective when the hair is light blonde, gray or red.

3. I can apply it on face and bodyo?

RF Photeepilation Device painlessly and effectively removes hair from the upper lip, groin, legs, arms and armpits (even back).

For more sensitive or pigmented areas such as the areolas or gaps in the pubic area, we recommend using the lowest intensity to avoid the stinging sensation.

4. There is an area where it is not recommended to apply photoepilationn?

We do not recommend using it in the area around the eye, that is, it is not suitable for plucking eyebrows.

5. How many sessions do I need to do to see the first results?s?


It depends on each type of hair, skin and area to be treated. Usually between 3 or 4 sessions you will see that the hair begins to disappear.

6. It is necessary to wax before using the deviceo?

Yes, you must shave with a razor before applying the device and now I'll explain why. RF Photoepilation works because the pulsed light (IPL) reaches the root of the hair. If we previously remove the hair, we facilitate the action of the device and the results arrive faster. Although any hair removal method is suitable, we recommend using the blade because the hair shaft is below the blade and facilitates the action of the pulsed light.

7. How should I prepare the skin before photoepilation?n?

You must epilate before the photoepilation to remove the hair and that the pulsed light (IPL) reaches the root of the hair. After hair removal is complete, the skin must be clean and dry for the RF Photoepilation Device treatment to permanently remove hair.

8. How should I treat my skin after photoepilation?n?

We recommend applying Masderm's Triphasic Body Lotion. It is a lotion made up of 3 different phases differentiated with 3 colors that each contain special ingredients. To use it you must shake until you get a lime color and then apply directly to the skin.

9. I can use it also in summero?

We can use the RF Photoepilation Device treatment at all times of the year, but it is advisable to start the treatment a few months before the summer. If you have sunbathed, it is advisable to wait 48 hours before applying the treatment and if you plan to go to the beach or the pool, we recommend using the RF Photoepilation Device 24 hours before.

10. I must make more than one pass in the area with the deviceo?

You should not apply the device to the treated area more than once, just apply light pressure to the skin and make a single shot.

11. How long does each session last?n?

One of the great advantages is the speed, with 9 minutes you can do the treatment of half legs.

12. How many sessions can I do with the deviceo?

In the first treatment withRF Photoepilation Device, We recommend using 5 or 6 treatments at an interval of 2 weeks. Approximately every 6 weeks, you must repeat the treatment and when you have performed 12-13 treatments you will be free of hair for a period of more than 6 months. From then on, an annual review is recommended in the areas that need it. You can carry out the treatment comfortably at home, at any time watching your favorite series and without having to travel or make an appointment.

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