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Clinical study. Efficacy of Body Sagging Treatment.

Methodex is a company with more than 10 years of experience, experts in carrying out dermocosmetic clinical studies, to find the effectiveness, safety and acceptability of cosmetic products and nutricosmetics and thus guarantee compliance with established regulations and marketing authorization.

Our team is made up of specialists in all areas, with extensive professional experience in the field of cosmetics and health, and we develop all our studies based on the principles of Good Clinical Practices (GCP).

To demonstrate the effectiveness of Masderm dermocosmetic devices and products, we have carried out a study to evaluate both the efficacy, safety and acceptability of the treatment of Body Sagging; i.e. the RF Body Device treatment along with the RF Body Firming cream, monitored by the dermatologist Marina Corral.

This dermatological use test with instrumental efficacy has been carried out under normal conditions of use and for 28 days on healthy volunteers between the ages of 40 and 60 who present body flaccidity in various areas of the body.

The treatment consists of applying the RF Body Firming cream every day in the morning and massaging only three nights a week on alternate days with the help of the RF Body Device on the thigh, arms and abdomen. That is, a total of 12 body radiofrequency sessions at home in the 28-day period.


Some of the most notable results of this study have been:

Results in Thighs

It has been demonstrated a decrease in diameter by 2 cm (-3.3%) on average after treatment in just 28 days. Being 80% of the volunteers who noticed a reduction in the thigh contour.

On the other hand, the reduction in body fat in this area has also been notable since on average lBody fat decreased by 5.4 mm, that is, a 15% after treatment. Therefore, 65% of the volunteers noticed this change.

And without a doubt, 95% noticed improvement in elasticity and firmness. To analyze this aspect, the average elasticity and firmness value of the inner thigh area was taken with the Soft Plus probe at the beginning and at the end of the study. increasing by 0.9 uc (1.9%).

Results in Arms

Regarding the reduction of the contour of the arms, a decrease of 0.7 cm (-2.3%) on average in diameter after 28 days of treatment. 68% of the volunteers obtained this change.

While in reducing body fat in this area, decreased 2 mm on average, that is, 10%. Obtaining a notable change in 53% of the volunteers.

On the other hand, the 95% noticed improvement in elasticity + firmness. Analyzing this change with the Soft Plus probe, the elasticity and firmness increased 1 cu. that is to say, 2.1% after treatment.

Results in Abdomen

It has been demonstrated a diameter decrease by 4.7 cm, that is to say, -4.8% on average after the 28d treatment. Being 95% of the volunteers who noticed a reduction in the contour of the abdomen.

On the other hand, the reduction of body fat in this area has decreased 5 mm on average, translated to 16%. So andl 68% of the volunteers noticed a decrease in body fat of the abdomen.

Regarding the increase in firmness and elasticity in the abdomen, the 74% of the volunteers obtained changes since the average result of this aument is 0.8 uc, that is, 1.7% more.

Subjective survey results

  • He 85% of the volunteers have a generally pleasant opinion of the treatment.
  • To the 100% of the volunteers like the texture of the cream.
  • To the 95% of the volunteers like the smell of the cream.
  • To the 85% of the volunteers like the device.
  • He 100% Consider that the cream has good extensibility.
  • He 75% Consider that it does not leave a greasy feeling after applying the cream.
  • He 95% think the device is easy to use.
  • To the 65% It gives them a pleasant feeling when using the device.
  • He 55% considers that the treatment sessions carried out have been sufficient to notice an improvement.
  • He 85% of the volunteers consider that it meets their expectations
  • He 75% I would recommend the treatment.
  • He 90% I would buy the cream at an appropriate price.
  • He 80% I would buy the device at an appropriate price.
  • He fifteen% have detected any unpleasant symptoms while using the product.

Final assessment of the report

After the study carried out, it can be concluded that The skin compatibility of the RF BODY FIRMING treatment on 20 volunteers can be considered VERY GOOD.

The treatment has not caused any type of serious adverse reaction in the 20 participants in the experimental areas as detailed in this report.

The treatment has been effective in improving the firmness, contour and reduction of fat in the treated areas.


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