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Bags and Dark Circles Treatment

Recover the youth of your look
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¿you know the part The most delicate part of the face is the skin around the eyes.Every minute we blink an average of 20 times and a day we laugh about 25.

All this means that this area is in continuous movement and, therefore, Most likely, signs of aging such as wrinkles and blemishes appear first in this area. . In addition, stress and bad habits at bedtime (sleeping little, sleeping intermittently, looking at the mobile before going to sleep,...) make us feel dark circles accentuate and each time they become darker , especially due to poor circulation, lack of nutrients or smoking.

For this reason it is important to treat this delicate area with optimal products to improve its appearance and make sure that they do not produce any type of allergic reaction. For this, our specific treatment for bags and dark circles guarantees a significant improvement in the appearance of our gaze in a short time. Contains our Triphasic Serum and ours Eye contour, Eyemas.

This treatment improves your gaze and the appearance of the skin around your eyes by treating:

  • wrinkles
  • Stains
  • bags
  • dark circles



    Dr. Gemma Marquez.

    "For those women over the age of 25 who want an effective product against the main signs of aging:luminosity, dark spots, wrinkles and sagging and also want to take care of their skin in a natural and healthy way, I recommend the Masderm for all of them."

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    Encarnacion Borrego Garcia
    Me encanta

    Deja la piel hidratada y muy gustosa

    Tratamiento bolsas y ojeras

    Estoy encantada!! Me noto la piel de alrededor de los ojos mucho más hidratada.

    Ane Luzarraga

    Estoy encantada. Es de rápida absorción y muy hidratante.

    Laura Arnau castell

    He notado mejoría


    More information

    1 - Every day you should apply to clean and dry skin, first the Triphasic Serum and then the Eyemas eye contour with a small circular massage between dark circles and eyelids. 2 - At night with clean skin, repeat the same routine

    Hyaluronic acid

    Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide that is naturally present in our skin and helps retain water to keep it hydrated.

    Argan oil

    It is a moisturizing and highly nutritious medicinal plant, it provides softness and elasticity to our skin. It also protects the skin from external aggressions.


    It is a protein molecule or protein that forms fibers, necessary for the proper functioning of the body; not only skin, but joints, bones, cartilage...

    INCI Composition

    If you need information about each product you will find it on their page

    “Masderm Body Slim cream reduces cellulite and localized fat. It is suitable for use on all skin types, even the most sensitive, providing maximum hydration and a feeling of well-being.”

    “From the age of 30 you begin to notice that the skin is no longer so elastic and that it is increasingly difficult to keep it firm. Masderm 's Body Firming cream that deeply hydrates and prevents flaccidity”

    "Forget about spots with the most effective serum, the Masderm Triphasic Facial Serum"

    “Neither flaccidity, nor wrinkles, nor spots, this serum can with all the problems of your skin and on top of that it leaves it super luminous”


    Wrinkles and Spots

    dark circles


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    Masderm Competencia
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    What is the order of application?

    We recommend applying the Triphasic Serum first and then the Eyemas eye contour.

    How much time should I allow to pass between the application of the serum and the contour?

    As the Triphasic Serum absorbs immediately, you can apply the Eyemas contour right after.

    Can the contour be applied without the serum?

    Yes, although like the Triphasic Serum it is applied twice a day, normally the eye contour is applied afterwards, Eyemas. But if you only apply the serum once a day at home, the contour can be applied on its own.

    Can I apply the contour and serum to the upper lip area?

    Yes, of course!