Lubrimas 200ml - Masderm Cosmética
Lubrimas 200ml - Masderm Cosmética
Lubrimas 200ml - Masderm Cosmética
Lubrimas 200ml - Masderm Cosmética
Lubrimas 200ml - Masderm Cosmética
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lubrimas 200ml

Lubricating moisturizing vaginal gel
63 reviews

If you notice some type of burning or discomfort around the vagina, you have a stinging sensation when you urinate, you suffer from pain when having sexual intercourse , your labia are very thin, you have frequent urination or vaginal infections , you may be suffering from vaginal dryness .

Vaginal dryness is mainly caused by hormonal changes (menopause, postpartum), high levels of stress, irritating soaps in the shower, lack of sexual desire, some medications or some pathologies.

We have developed our Lubrimas Lubricant Moisturizing Gel with 99.2% natural ingredients to treat vaginal dryness to promote vaginal lubrication.

Our 7 day guarantee is our promise that if you are not satisfied with the Lubrimas to improve vaginal dryness and lubrication after using it for a full week, we will give you your money back no questions asked.


Dr. Ines Grace.

"Personally, I really like the results of the lubricating gels since they are easy and comfortable to use and, at the same time, hygienic. It is one of the functions that I like the most about LUBRIMAS, Masderm 's Lubricating Moisturizing Gel that not only helps to recover vaginal lubrication, but also leaves this area very hydrated and lubricated. It also has 99.20% ingredients of natural origin, so important to treat this area"

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Super recomendable

Estoy muy contenta, muy buen lubricante diario y para las relaciones.

Lubrimas 200

Muy buen lubricante , te hidrata durante todo el día y para las relaciones sexuales es muy bueno también . Gran descubrimiento

Hace su función perfectamente.

Es un fluido viscoso pero nada pegajoso, muy hidratante y agradable cuando te lo pones. Enseguida notas el alivio que provoca el picor por sequedad

Ester Estany Illa

Un gel super eficaz. Tengo mucha sequedad vaginal por cambios hormonales y me ha ido genial. Reduce la irritación provocada por compresas, tampax y ayuda a que se introduzcan mejor.


Más Información

It should be applied once a day on the intimate area once it is clean and dry. We advise after the shower. The amount to be applied should be approximately the size of a walnut.

Ingredientes principales


Reduces discomfort caused by burns and sunstroke. It is an excellent natural anti-inflammatory, it also serves as an analgesic and helps to refresh the area.

mallow extract

It is one of the most popular medicinal plants, its curative use makes it have many medicinal properties, including the relief of vaginal infections.


It is also known as a medicinal plant with great benefits. It has antibiotic and antifungal properties.

Composición INCI

Calendula, Chamomile, Mallow Extract Composition INCI Aqua, Glycerin, Xanthan Gum, Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract, Calendula officinalis Flower Extract, Malva sylvestris Flower Extract, Lactic Acid, Phytic Acid, Benzyl Alcohol, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate.

"Cremas para iluminar el rostro y combatir la flacidez si tienes entre 50 y 60 años"

"Mejor tratamiento de radiofrecuencia facial en casa"

"Cremas para mejorar la flacidez si tienes entre 50 y 60 años"

"Este sérum trifásico que recomiendan los dermatólogos triunfa entre las famosas"


Vaginal infections

vaginal dryness

Burning or discomfort

Masderm vs. Competencia

Masderm Competencia
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Tratamientos completos de Radiofrecuencia
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What is the texture?

The texture of Lubrimas is a gel that is applied gently to the vaginal area.

Should it be inserted into the vagina?

We recommend massaging the vaginal area to ensure proper absorption without the need to insert it through the vagina.

Is it only for women with menopause?

No, vaginal dryness can occur in women with other profiles, such as postpartum or if you have a lot of stress. So you can apply Lubrimas if you suffer from vaginal dryness.

Should I apply it before having sex?

Yes, it is the way to ensure that the vaginal area is well lubricated and does not hurt at the time of penetration.