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Clean Pores Treatment

Skin free of impurities and blackheads

How annoying are blackheads, right? It seems that we have a dirty face and it gives a dim appearance, as if it lacks shine. But we must be careful if we want to remove them since we have a tendency to damage our skin when trying to remove them.

Well, since we thought of everything, don't worry anymore. The Clean Pores Device helps to extract blackheads thanks to its suction power without damaging the skin barrier. With its different heads and suction powers you can adapt this treatment to your liking. In addition, to obtain long-lasting results, we recommend using our Sebimas cream to regulate sebum and prevent the appearance of more blackheads.



    Dr. Gerardo Moreno.

    Dermatologist “Although facial skin pores have an essential function for the correct maintenance of the skin barrier, it is important to keep them as clean and dilated as possible so that they can perspire and self-regulate. There are specific treatments for it, but if you really want to improve your appearance, perform a weekly suction to help your perspiration, it is very optimal for all skin types. Masderm 's is effective, comfortable and pleasant to obtain the desired results. In addition, they have specific creams to guarantee excellent pore cleaning”

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    1. Clean your face well to remove any traces of dirt or makeup. 2. We recommend dilating the pores before using the device. You can help yourself with steam or by placing a small towel moistened with hot water on your face for a few minutes. 3. Place the head that best fits the area where you want to pass the device and always start with the lowest power. 4. Do not leave the device still on the skin, that is, keep it in constant movement to avoid redness. Help yourself with the hand you have free to tighten the skin, this way the device will pass more easily. 5. Once the suction is complete, you can relax with a gentle massage while applying cream to your face. To finish the treatment we recommend using the Sebimas cream.

    Azeleic Acid

    Helps reduce the growth of acne-causing bacteria, reduces hyperpigmentation and dark spots on the skin, and helps reduce redness, inflammation, and breakouts associated with this chronic skin condition.


    Reduction of hyperpigmentation, regulates the production of sebum in the skin and helps to keep the skin soft, flexible and protected from environmental factors because it reduces the loss of transepidermal water.

    Ferulic Acid

    It is part of the hydroxycinnamic acids. It is an active antioxidant and anti-inflammatory of plant origin. It has many benefits, including helps slow down aging.

    Mode 1: Soft function (Light)

    Recommended to use in the first applications and with pores or small blackheads

    Mode 2: Medium function (Medium)

    When the device has already been used and we need deeper removal

    Mode 3: Strong function (High)

    Extreme cases of very marked imperfections

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    Open pores

    Black spots

    fine wrinkles

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    Can I use it daily?

    No, we recommend using the device once a week at night and performing a soothing massage after treatment with moisturizing products. You can use it throughout the year.

    Is a specific cream needed to carry out the treatment?

    No, you can do it directly on the skin, although we recommend that if you notice that it sucks the skin too much, you use a specific product for blackheads like our Sebimas, so that the suction movement will not be so strong on your skin.

    How should I prepare my skin before using the device?

    We recommend washing your face well with a cleansing soap, and then dilating the pores with hot water. Even before passing the device, you can exfoliate the face first to remove as much dirt and small blackheads that come out more easily with the exfoliation and once that you can finish off your antiblackhead treatment with the Clean Poros Device.

    What are the contraindications?

    The device cannot be used if you have undergone facial plastic surgery, subcutaneous metal implantation, skin damage or bleeding. If you have any questions, please contact us at hello@masderm.com before using the device.