About us

About us?

Our origin dates back more than 50 years to a pharmacy in Barcelona that carried out magisterial formulations for dermatologists who asked us for the care and treatment of their patients' skin.

In 2019 we decided to embark on the adventure of the digital world selling our products only through the digital channels

Our four pillars

1. Effective treatments

Our goal is to offer you complete solutions to improve the health, well-being and beauty of all the skin of your body.

We offer you creams, devices home use , nutritional supplements, transdermal patches, etc.

2. Professional treatments

We make available to everyone, without intermediaries, our products that also professionals use for their treatments in beauty centers.

- Efficiency and results of professional

 - Format X L with comfortable dispensers

- without intermediaries , with the direct price of the laboratory

3. Home use treatments

Get the results of a clinic or beauty center at home, and also:

- you will buy time not having to move

- you will have more freedom in your diary: you don't need to make an appointment, you can apply your treatment while you watch your favorite series

- you will save money: a similar treatment in a center can cost you up to 10 times more

4. Treatments recommended by dermatologists

We design treatments in collaboration with the best dermatologists Y health specialists to guarantee maximum efficiency with total safety.