Get €500 in Masderm products

I'm Amanda, founder of Masderm.

Thank you so much for trusting our products and to thank you I'm going to propose a challenge to you.

I would love for you to be the star of our next campaign and give you €500.

How can you get it?

1. Record a video with your favourite Masderm product with your mobile phone vertically
2. Introduce yourself, your name and your age (if you want of course!)
3. Tell us about your experience looking at the camera and applying the product (it would be ideal if you do it in the most natural way possible, just like you do every day at home)
4. Send us your video via WhatsApp to 639.60.62.42. VERY IMPORTANT: when you send us the video, tell us the phrase: I want to be the star with your full name and your email. This way we can make sure we can locate you quickly!
5. The deadline is June 30, 2024
6. The winning videos will be announced by email

Thank you very much for participating, I'm looking forward to seeing your video. Good luck.

PS: By sending the video you agree to its publication on our website, social networks and any other means of dissemination.