Cellulite affects 98% of women. How to prevent, treat and eliminate cellulite

Dr. Isabel Perez Zarazaga

I am Dr. Isabel Pérez Zarazaga, a dermatologist with more than 10 years of experience. I attend to my patients at IDERMA Instituto Universitario Dexeus

After my training in Spain, the United States and Portugal, I have specialized in: Botulinum Toxin (Botox), Laser for scars, Dermatological surgery, Acne, Alopecia

Most of my female patients ask me the following question: “Doctor, what do you recommend to reduce cellulite??” And it is that in general we are concerned about our aesthetics and feel comfortable with our skin. The dreaded cellulite bothers us many times and we are even ashamed to be noticed and seen. Before telling you the most important concepts of this skin pathology, I want to reassure you and tell you that 98% of women in the world suffer from cellulite, and therefore we do not have to be ashamed at all!

Next, I am going to tell you all the information that you may be interested in about the so-called orange peel:”:

¿what is cellulite?

Cellulite occurs in the hypodermis, that is, the deepest layer of the skin, which is where most of the cells are. Among them the adipocytes, those responsible for storing fat to cushion external impacts and maintain body temperature. But when these wear out and the fat is not balanced in harmony, it is when the cells increase in size and push the skin, creating those bumps that we later call orange peel..

¿And why do adipocytes stop working properly?? Well, due to poor circulation, genetics to a large extent, the malfunction and poor activation of hormones and the sedentary pace of life in which diet and exercise are key factors.

¿When does cellulite appear??

It usually begins to form during puberty and between 85 and 98% of women have some degree of cellulite, while in men it is exceptional.

Affects women more than men
Women naturally have 27% more body fat than men and also have adipocytes 5 times larger, causing the retention of more interstitial fluids and hindering microcirculation in the area. Affects thin and overweight women

This disorder in the accumulation of fat can appear both in women with excess weight and in thin people since it is not related to eating disorders such as obesity. The problem that causes cellulite is a malfunction of adipocytes (cells responsible for storing fat) not the amount of body fat.

¿Causes of cellulite?

Cellulite is formed due to a hormonal overproduction that causes fat cells to stop working properly. These cells are not able to perform their drainage function properly, so they become inflamed, increase in size and become rigid.

The causes that can produce this hormonal overproduction are:

  • Hormonal changes natural in women, for example puberty or pregnancy.
  • Take some hormone artificial as estrogens.
  • Carry one sedentary life.
  • feeding with high salt content
  • Use tight clothing

Cellulite degrees

  • Grade I cellulite: The skin has a smooth and even appearance, both when you are standing up and lying down and when pinched it does not appear orange peel.
  • Cellulite Grade II : The skin continues to have a smooth and uniform appearance, but when pinching it or contracting the muscles, orange peel appears.
  • Cellulite Grade III : The nodules are visible without the need to pinch the skin.
  • Cellulite Grade IV: More palpable, visible and painful nodules.

6 Habits to prevent and reduce cellulite

1. Drink more water
Drinking between 6 and 8 glasses of water a day is recommended to combat fluid retention and promote drainage. It is important to reduce the consumption of soft drinks and those that contain sugar in their composition

2. Maintain a healthy diet
A complete and balanced diet is essential to keep the body free of lipids, carbohydrates, proteins and toxins that can otherwise be stored. I recommend the consumption of foods that contain fiber and water, for example pineapple

3. Do not wear tight clothes and high heels
The main problem with wearing tight clothes and high heels all the time is that it hinders venous return. Therefore, I recommend that you wear clothes that are not excessively tight to the body and alternate heels with low shoes, which are more comfortable.

4. Take cold water baths
Cold water can stimulate blood circulation and improve the elasticity of the skin, along with a massage can help facilitate lymphatic drainage, although without being decisive for its disappearance. And although she is very lazy, especially in winter, she ends the shower with a good blast of cold water, insisting on the area with cellulite.

5. No smoking
According to a 2016 study published in the Eastern Journal of Medicine, smokers are more likely to experience loss of elasticity and the presence of cellulite in the skin of the lower body

6. Exercise
A constant and planned exercise routine is possibly the best way to prevent and combat cellulite. Exercise allows you to work on the specific affected areas and show off a much healthier body. I advise you to walk a lot, squats, and climb stairs. In this link you can see a recommended exercise routine to reduce cellulite.

Foods to prevent cellulite

  1. Water : It is essential to eliminate toxins and eliminate fat accumulation. Although it seems contradictory, not drinking enough water can favor fluid retention. It is advisable to drink water with each meal and avoid sugary or carbonated drinks, as well as drinks that dehydrate, such as alcohol and coffee.
  2. Fruit : Fruits that are rich in potassium, such as bananas, promote circulation and prevent fluid retention. Fruits like strawberries are antioxidants and therefore anti-cellulite. Pineapple is rich in fiber and favors the elimination of liquids
  3. Legumes : Proteins, such as legumes, favor muscle instead of fat.
  4. Vegetables : Vegetables such as squash, asparagus and carrots contain bioflavonoids, which are very important to avoid 'orange peel' skin. Infusions: Green tea, red fruits or lemon are laxatives and diuretics that favor purification.

At Masderm we have developed the complete treatment to eliminate cellulite by combining radiofrequency and the application of specific products.

The radio frequency device RF Body Device produces a deep heating that affects the skin and subcutaneous fatty tissue, which applied with the creamRF Body Slim eliminates cellulite, finally the treatment is complemented with anti-cellulite patchesSlim Patch Bodysuit.

Clinical studies indicate that patients can lose approximately 1 to 3 cm in a single session and improve the quality and appearance of the skin.

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