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Antiaging supplements:the new way of caring for the skin by Dermatologist Pau Rosés

I am Dr. Pau Rosés Gibert, a specialist in medical, surgical, aesthetic dermatology and venereology. I currently work at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona and in the medical center teknon. My Instagram address is @dr.pauroses

when we meet a person for the first time, it is inevitable to look at his physical appearance and immediately sense if he is a person who takes care of the appearance of his skin, or, on the contrary, does not have adequate routines.

Although it is true that genetics and external factors greatly influence the evolution of our skin, daily care of this is essential to try to always have a healthy appearance.

The basic skin care routine at an early age is through broad spectrum sunscreen.

The little ones should know what protect yourself daily from the sun and blue light, is not only key to avoiding premature photoaging, but it will also help us to prevent skin cancer.

Likewise, the fact of routinely carrying out exercise adapted to each person, following a balanced diet, avoiding alcoholic beverages and not smoking, will help our body to keep us healthy and delay the signs of aging.

Besides of sunscreen daily throughout the year, correct daily cleaning is important both day and night.

Depending on age and skin type, I introduce products that are consistent with the needs of each patient, such as serums, hydrating creams either eye contour.

And while it is true that we are very used to topical products to care for our skin, it is also true that every time I like to recommend nutritional supplements for the skin care of my patients.

These have shown benefits to prevent and combat aging thanks to their effect on the body.

In no case do they replace the daily diet, are an additional complement to skin care. They should be eaten daily along with food and should never be within the reach of the little ones in the house.

I especially like supplements that have Vitamin A and Vitamin C as their main active ingredients, which help to maintain the skin in normal conditions and the formation of collagen to prevent the appearance of signs of aging such as flaccidity.

A good routine for a person who wants take care of your skin naturally and healthy is:

In addition, add a nutritional supplement such as Masderm Oral Trimas on a daily basis, which has proven to be effective in maintaining the skin and whose ingredients reinforce the effectiveness of its intake. I especially highlight Vitamin A, Biotin and Vitamin C which are very effective in maintaining the youthful appearance of the skin.

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