Why do we have spots on the skin?

Dr. Emili Masferrer. Dermatologist

I am Emili Masferrer and Niubò, specialist in medical-surgical dermatology and venereology. subspecialized in skin oncology surgery.

“When we see a person with spots on the skin whether they're white, red, brown... we unconsciously assign a 10-year-older age and poorer health."

Different colors of skin spots

We speak of spots on the skin to define variations in color without changing the texture of a certain area of the skin. There are many different types of spots on the skin that can come in different colors: white, pink, red…

The main reason for consultation of my patients is the brown spots that appear on the skin; what we know as solar lentigines.

How do spots form?

To understand the process of creating this type of stain, you should know that the color of your skin is determined by a natural pigment what is the melanin . When you get a tan, it is because our body secretes melanin to protect the skin from the sun.

The dark spots that appear on your skin are related to an abnormal production of melanin. When the distribution of melanin produced in excess is not evenly distributed on the surface of the skin , accumulating in different areas, is when these unsightly spots are formed.

Due to their relationship with sun exposure, they appear in the most exposed areas such as the face, hands, neckline, and especially in those with fair skin who do not tan easily.

Effect of the sun and age on dark spots

On the other hand, with age and the consequent cell aging, also increases the risk of hyperpigmentation .

Thus, the sun and age are the main factors that contribute to the appearance of solar lentigines. Although they do not require treatment, it has been shown that when we see a person with spots, we assign an age 10 years older and a more precarious health.

I always tell my patients that the best anti-blemish treatment is to use a goodsunscreen with SPF 50+ throughout the year, such as Sunmas 50+.

On the other hand, when the stain is already created, we can use techniques that are available on the market such as Pulsed Light (IPL), Laser…

Anti stain treatment

Finally, I recommend using cosmetic products with active ingredients proven effective as Vitamin C to improve the luminosity of the face.

Among them, an excellent option is theTriphasic Facial Serum from Masderm with highly effective antioxidant active ingredients.
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