The best daily facial cleansing routine with makeup remover

Dr. Irene Latour. dermatologist

I am Dr. Irene Latour, Dermatologist at LTS Health, Elche. @dermalatour

In this blog I will explain why.  daily facial cleansing with a make-up remover is important and because it is key to skin maintenance.

¿Have you stopped to think how many hours your skin is exposed to external agents?? As external agents we understand the sun's rays, the rays of the screens (mobile, computer,...), tobacco smoke, pollution, makeup, stress…

Well, believe it or not, all these agents cause skin aging with the appearance of spots, wrinkles, sagging or lack of luminosity. That's why it's so important let you advise professionally to apply a good facial routine and body treatment suitable for your skin type, so that it ages naturally and in the healthiest way possible.

However, it is just as important to find the facial routine that is the most suitable for your skin, as is a good daily cleansing routine. This is perhaps one of the steps that we are most lazy to take, but in this blog I am going to try to convince you why dermatologists give it so much importance.

One of the most important facial routines to maintain healthy and hydrated skin is cleansing the skin before going to bed. Let's think that at night is when the skin cells are totally relaxed and predisposed to let those products that we apply at night work, to increase their effectiveness.

But for this, it is important that the pores are completely unclogged, clean and free of impurities to ensure that the facial routine that we apply later is absorbed correctly and naturally.

Therefore, facial cleansing before the night routine is key since our skin is exposed to a multitude of external agents such as sunlight, pollution or makeup.

So, having a clean face before going to bed only produces benefits for the skin:

  1. Promotes the penetration of cosmetic products
  2. oxygenated skin
  3. Prevention of aging
  4. acne prevention
  5. relaxation of the complexion

¿What is the ideal routine for proper facial cleansing using a make-up remover??

  1. If you put on eye or lip makeup, this is the first part of your face to cleanse to make sure the makeup doesn't clog the rest of your face's pores. I recommend using a cotton ball and rubbing the area gently.
  2. Pass the eye cotton from the tear duct to the end of the eye. For the lips use another cotton.
  3. Once this area is clean, take a new cotton ball and with the appropriate product, pass it over the rest of the face while performing a small massage from the forehead, cheeks, neck and décolleté.
  4. After a strict cleaning, you can now apply your facial routine at night. I recommend applying an antioxidant serum, an eye contour cream and if your skin needs more hydration, an antiaging or firming cream.

Now, as a dermatologist I am always asked what type of toner or make-up remover can or should be used.

The answer is easy, it depends on each type of skin and your trusted dermatologist will surely advise you perfectly.

However, I can recommend the newMasderm CLEANMAS Make-up Remover Lotion which is suitable for all skin types and is also a single product for the entire routine: make-up remover/cleanser and toner, which in addition to cleansing the skin in depth, refreshes, calms, moisturizes and prepares the skin to better receive and absorb the products.

It leaves the skin very soft and has a very pleasant aroma. You can use it for the whole face and also as an eye and lip make-up remover, so with a single product you can carry out your complete facial cleansing.

The cleanmas combined with theRF Face Device It gives you a deeper and more professional cleaning of the skin pores.

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