Does blue light from screens age skin?

Dr. Carla Ferrandiz,

Dermatologist at the Ferrándiz-Pulido Medical Institute. I am also an assistant doctor of the dermatology service of the Vall dHebron Hospital in Barcelona and an assistant dermatologist at the Institute of Advanced Dermatology (IDERMA) Member of the Board of Directors of the Catalan Society of Dermatology (SCD) and member of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV))


Instagram, Facebook, Tik-Tok, telecommuting... exposure to a digital screen harms my skinl?

All our lives, dermatologists have told you that, although the sun has multiple benefits for our health, how it improves mood or induces the synthesis of vitamin D in the skin promotes, among other things, the premature aging of our skin, dark spots and skin cancer. And it is not necessary to go to the beach to be exposed to the sun, since in our country we are exposed almost all year round thanks to its magnificent temperature, therefore the great enemy of our wrinkles and spots is the sun!


  1. ¿How many hours a day do you spend watching Instagram on your mobile, working in front of a computer, helping your children with their homework on the iPad or watching several seasons of your favorite series with your family in front of the TV??
  2. And your children; How much of their free time do they spend playing video games, preparing an exam on their PC, chatting with their friends on what's up or doing Tik-Toks?s?

Well, the answer is surely: MANY, It is important that we are aware that we must protect our skin every day of the year, not only from ultraviolet rays, but also from what dermatologists know as Blue Light (HEV), that is, the light emitted by electronic devices, bulbs and led light. And, although Blue Light is not as dangerous or harmful to our skin as the light given off by the sun, there are already several clinical studies that show that prolonged exposure to Blue Light also causes damage to our skin, especially dark spots..

If we protect ourselves properly, with photoprotectors against ultraviolet A and B rays and also against Blue Light, we will avoid premature aging of our skin by preventing the appearance of wrinkles, spots, freckles and even skin diseases such as melanoma; the most aggressive skin cancer.


As a dermatologist I recommend the protection of your skin INSIDE and OUTSIDE the home 7 days a week long and consistent to avoid the consequences of overexposure to UV rays and HEV rays.

A very good option is Masderm's new Sunscreen, the Sunscreen Proaging Cream with 50+ UV/UBA/HEV protection, which, thanks to a patented technology of encapsulated sunscreens and the Algae Blue Lignt DNA Fix ingredient, guarantees us a protection from solar radiation and blue light. It also has a proaging effect thanks to its ingredients such as biological hyaluronic acid and Aloe Vera gel.

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