The importance of sun protection

Dr. Sebastian Podlipnik, Dermatologist.

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¿Did you know that the skin is the largest organ of our body??

And as such, we must take care of it as it deserves since it is not only our letter of introduction, but also the first layer of protection of our body. It is the skin that defends us from the impact of external agents such as pollution, bacteria, temperature changes, stress and especially ultraviolet rays from the sun, which is the main cause of skin cancer; the most prevalent cancer in Spain.

In addition, the skin has such important functions as the sense of touch, synthesizing vitamin D to increase the absorption of calcium at the intestinal level or regulating body temperature.

The objective of this blog is not only to explain the reasons why we should protect our skin, but also the most important advice that I always give my patients for the correct protection and care of their skin. So I invite you to continue reading and surely you will be able to learn some easy-to-apply advice that will help you in your day to day life.

5 reasons why we should protect our skin at all costs

Below I will explain the 5 main reasons to take the protection of our skin seriously:

Prevention of skin cancer Skin cancer is the most prevalent cancer in Spain, but the good news is that it is largely preventable. Although its appearance can be due to genetic causes that we cannot avoid, it is also largely caused by the exposure of our skin to sunlight. Therefore, it is essential not only to protect ourselves from the sun when the summer season approaches, but also throughout the year. ¿You want to know how to detect the most serious skin cancer?

1. Delay skin aging

Although it is important that we accept that as we age, the skin ages with us, but the sun is going to accelerate this process in a very important way. It is for this main reason that I always recommend to my patients adequate sun protection for daily use for proper facial and body care as soon as possible.¿Did you know that the Sun is the cause of 80% of the wrinkles on your skin??

2. Avoid stains and wrinkles

¿Doctor, what can I do to avoid or eliminate my spots and wrinkles? As I explained above, the passage of time will cause spots and wrinkles to appear.

However, we can prevent its appearance with daily sun protection from an early age, or attenuate its presence on our skin with cosmetic products or specific procedures adapted to your skin type and age. But remember that they will appear, it is normal you should not be traumatized by this. What you can do is help them appear as late as possible or hide their presence. In addition, we must take into account that there are scientific studies that reveal the impact of what is known as blue light (the one given off by devices such as mobile phones, PCs, TVs,...) on the appearance of spots and wrinkles, so there is plenty of reason. to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day. Discover other causes ofbecause we have spots on the skin

3. Avoid dehydrated skin

It is very important to hydrate every day with how minimum 1L of water per day . It is very healthy for your body and also for the appearance of your skin, thus avoiding the feeling of lack of luminosity and dryness.

From Masderm, you can also complement the hydration of your skin using our Body RF Firming , recommended in hospitals for the recovery and hydration of skin that is in the process of recovery after treatment.

Now that you are convinced of the need to protect our skin, I am going to explain some simple recommendations that will not cost you anything and will help you with this daily routine:

  • Go for an annual review with your dermatologist trustworthy It is important to check spots and wrinkles to control their evolution.
  • Protect yourself daily from the sun's rays . Every time I am asked what is the best cosmetic to prevent blemishes and wrinkles, my answer is simple, sunscreen every day, regardless of the season of the year.
  • Moisturizes the skin daily with the intake of nutritious liquids such as fruits (watermelon, peach, melon) or 1 L of water per daya
  • Cleanliness is essential in skin care . Removes impurities and dead cells that accumulate on your skin.
  • don't forget p protect areas such as neck, neckline, hands, ears or nape, which are very exposed and are the great forgotten

And although I have insisted a lot on protecting the skin of the face on a daily basis since it is exposed to the sun's rays all year round, when it comes time to expose the skin of the rest of the body to the sun, we do it naturally just before the sun touches us”.

My recommendation is that when we begin to change clothes and leave our skin in the air (short shirts, shorts, flip-flops,...), we also apply adaily body sunscreen. That is, do not wait to lie down in the towel, but start protecting your skin from the first day you start exposing it.

I always recommend applying body sunscreen after applying your body moisturizer in the morning.

don't forget about areas such as neckline or nape, and even the instep of the foot. Keep in mind that these areas have not been touched by the sun's rays for months and are therefore very sensitive. So on the first day of the change of clothes, apply your body protector now!!

The ideal body sunscreen does not exist, but each skin needs a specific product according to its characteristics. What is important is that it has at least a protection factor of 30 and for my patients I recommend that it be rapidly absorbed, just like Masderm.

I can recommend the body protector of Masderm Body Sunmas 30+ that apart from its effectiveness and being suitable for even the most sensitive skin, it has a pleasant smell and texture. In addition, it is very moisturizing and has regenerating and nourishing natural ingredients such as rosemary extract, thyme extract and sage extract.


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