The importance of facial exfoliation

Dr. Ana Ravella. dermatologist

In this blog I will explain why it is important to exfoliate your skin throughout the year

September is one of the times of the year when dermatologists have the most questions about how to recover the skin after weeks exposed to the sun, since we return with a very different skin than just a couple of months ago.

In fact, if we stop to think, in our country we have a climate that greatly favors life abroad, and therefore from the month of May is when we begin to make the change of wardrobe and show our skin for many hours. In addition, we must add the hours we spend in the sun during our vacations, whether on the beach, having an aperitif or walking along the promenade!

Thus, our skin has been directly exposed to sunlight for many hours. Although dermatologists place great emphasis on protecting the skin throughout the year, and more so in the summer, when we return to the routine of the second half of the year, we realize the real effects of the sun on our skin, which basically translates into new spots and wrinkles.

This is why it is so important, and dermatologists always insist, to carry out a review of your skin after the summer. in order to rule out any type of skin disease such as photodermatosis (dermatitis with skin inflammation induced by sunlight), actinic keratosis (degeneration of the skin in the form of scabs produced by repeated exposure to the sun), or sunburn (in the form of redness or blisters)

But beyond these tips, I want to explain because the dreaded wrinkles and blemishes appear especially in September:

  1. The accentuation of wrinkles: You have to bear in mind that UVA rays alter skin substances such as collagen or elastin, which mainly leads to loss of volume and elasticity and therefore accentuation of wrinkles.
  2. The appearance of dark spots : UVB rays produce dark spots on the skin as they stimulate the creation of pigments in the epidermis, further accentuating the photoaging of the skin. So, once our skin has seen its appearance change, I advise you as a first step to do a good facial exfoliation so that your complexion returns to the most original state possible and start implementing the correct facial routine for your type of skin. skin

If you continue reading, I will tell you the most important information for you to take into account:

¿What is facial exfoliation?

Exfoliation is the natural renewal of dead skin cells. However, in cases such as a long period of sun exposure where the skin is severely damaged, we can speed up the natural exfoliation process through specific products that will help us eliminate those dead cells and the microdermabrasion process, and thus recover hydration. of the skin and reduce the signs of aging that have appeared.

With this we help to recover the Illumination of the face, eliminate imperfections, stimulate circulation, reduce spots, avoid blackheads, eliminate pimples and even improve acne.

¿When should facial exfoliation be performed through a cosmetic product??

Dermatologists recommend a facial exfoliation once a week throughout the year to remove dead cells that have accumulated throughout the week. However, after long processes of sun exposure, we recommend 2 weekly exfoliations for two weeks and then return to the weekly routine.

After a facial peel, I have to apply another producto?

I recommend moisturizing the skin after performing the facial exfoliation, with products such as serums or specific anti-aging moisturizing creams.

You can perform facial exfoliations both in beauty centers and at home with specific products. The new facial scrubMasderm SCRUBMAS It is a very good option to perform a correct and effective facial exfoliation thanks to the quality of its ingredients, pleasant smell and sensation of the skin after its removal.

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