Eye contour:A good treatment is the best anti-aging.

Dra Cristina García Millán, Dermatologist

I am an exclusive member of the Pedro Jaén Dermatology Group, not collaborating with other entities and performing the work of Coordinator of the Group's Pediatric Dermatology Unit as well as Coordinator of the Atopic Dermatitis School

As a dermatologist, one of the most common concerns in my practice is how the eye contour area can be improved. All skins age but that does not mean much less that they get sick, but that they evolve.

¿Why does the skin around the eyes age faster??

It is important to value each dermis as it is and accept these changes that it undergoes, although it is also possible to repair some accumulated damage and delay the signs of skin aging. There are internal factors such as genetics that influence their aging, but above all the external factors such as pollution, sun exposure, an unbalanced diet... will determine the speed at which the skin ages. This results in the appearance of spots, wrinkles, lack of luminosity, sagging and especially in very sensitive areas such as the skin near the eyes, which is very fine and sensitive where the first wrinkles and signs of aging usually appear.o.

¿What is the eye cream used for??

Apart from applying each day aface serum To reverse the signs of skin aging, it is important to bear in mind that the area around the eye needs an even more powerful defense due to the characteristics of the skin type. We have to take into account that it is extremely thin and elastic; it is ten times finer than that of the rest of the body. Therefore, the skin around the eyes is much more sensitive than that of other facial areas and more prone to the appearance of wrinkles (known as crow's feet), dark circles and bags. A good eye contour must be effective to decongest this delicate area, reduce expression lines, reduce wrinkles, bags and dark circles and unify skin tone.

¿The eye contour is only for mature skin?

From the age of 30 It is when these signs of aging begin to appear; As a dermatologist, I always recommend applying a specific product to care for and treat this delicate area of the face with a specific treatment for it, from when these first wrinkles begin to be perceived; therefore, young skin should start applying it, since they will see their wrinkles, first bags and dark circles improve.

¿What should the perfect eye contour look like??

The ideal eye contour should have a fast penetrating ability, rich in hydration and nutrition factors and ideally contain active ingredients with a firming and anti-wrinkle effect to provide more support fibers to this fine dermis.

¿How to apply the eye contour correctly?

First of all make sure that the skin is clean . Then apply a few drops of the eye contour to the area to be treated with a few small taps with the ring finger from the tear duct to the side, both on the lower part of the eye (dark circles) and on the upper part (eyelids) to reactivate blood circulation. Make sure the product is inserted correctly. The products that have a pipette and are cream-textured are very comfortable to apply.

What you will notice with a good eye contour is the improvement of the skin texture by improving its hydration and texture , reduction of dark circles and bags, reduction of wrinkles and blemishes, and uniformity of the color of the complexion.

Some tricks

A trick that I recommend to my patients is to take advantage of the part of the product that remains on your fingers once applied to the eye contour, to apply it to the wrinkles at the corner of the corner and the upper part of the lip, as well as the wrinkles on the forehead.

In addition, to enhance the effectiveness of facial skin care, add a facial serum and a moisturizing cream to your routine if your signs of aging are already more marked.

Masderm Eye Contour Masderm

From Masderm we present the new eye contourEye Contour Trims; first and only decongestant repairer for the eye area 92.5% natural with probiotics and microspheres optical effect, which effectively treats this delicate area of the face by stimulating the skin's cutaneous microcirculation.

¿What is our eye contour for??

The main benefits on the contour of the skin of your eyes are:

  1. Minimize bags and dark circles.
  2. Reduce small wrinkles and signs of fatigue.
  3. Proaging action in the short and long term thanks to its natural ingredients that contain anti-aging and moisturizing active ingredients, favoring the elimination of lipids and toxins that accumulate in the periocular area.

The best eye contour for mature skin and to prevent first wrinkles

The eye contourEye Contour Trims It is suitable for all skin types. For those women with mature skin who want to reduce the signs of aging such as wrinkles, bags and dark circles in a natural and healthy way. In addition, those women who want to are already beginning to notice the first wrinkles, bags and dark circles around their eyes, and want to prevent their appearance.

How and when it is applied correctly

applies morning and evening a small amount in the previously cleansed area around the eye, spreading it with a few light touches. Being in pipette format and solid texture, we recommend applying it directly to the area to be treated with a gentle massage, to ensure proper penetration.

The texture of the eye contourEye Contour Trims It is light, soft and easy to penetrate. In less than a minute it is absorbed into the skin that covers the eye contour, providing a sensation of smooth and illuminated skin. The smell is practically imperceptible.

CombineTriphasic Facial Serum YEye Contour Trims

The perfect combination to treat the signs of aging around the eyes is the application of the contour to the area to be treated and theTriphasic Facial Serum with very rapid absorption. Being our contourEye Contour Trims in cream presentation, it can be applied before or after the serum. We recommend the serum first as the absorption is very fast.

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